Saturday, February 28, 2009


is a bitch....

someone just scolded me and unware of who am i to her....

its too late

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

throes of perdition


pause the song over there ---->

now eat this metal up ! !

how on earth are u not liking this song?? its so awesome

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a weekend in manchester

hey peeps, back for more updates. For the past 3 days ive been hanging out in manchester, well, not just for fun of cause, played basketball for manchester, and guess what, RTM malaysia was there and i was interviewed by them, dont know when is it gonna be up air in malaysia, haha, do keep an eye for the news, tape it down...!!! i was suprised they know my name and i was previously from national junior. Anyway, my journey to manchester was rather boring, uncomfortable and long, 3 hours to birmingham, then transit to manchester with another 3 hours...

the usual gang, eelin and zyran

ming shen, trying to be cool/emo XD

Did i mention before that food in manchester was awesome? yea, it is awesome and cheaper than i expected, all 3 days was asian food =) orgasm ! !

john, ming shen, and ee lin gonna upload some other pictures that is quite old, i know its too late to upload it...hehe, just to let u guys see more on what im doing lately...haha, i am a photo remind me on my life, it brings me a second by a second through my life... =)

it was on valentines day with Fah

shopping spree in westfield

chinese new year in china town london with Hoe

i never miss a chance to camwhore, teeheee

Zara, AX, DKNY !!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sneaky week !!

i think its time for another hair cut aye?

hey guys, im back for more, well, just had a nice day out with zyran, really u cant predict better things going on today. Here it goes, zyran was in london yesterday, reached at 9pm night, both of us were damn hungry, ate at four season's, yeap, yummy slurppy duck, both of us ate the whole freaking duck, and each of us refill four times of white rice, i know....scary huh, then, after meal, i wanted to get some cash, so que up for atm, then i notice there are a bunch of girls behind me, while zyran is at another machine, and i thought they just wanted to get cash, herm, do not laugh at me after i say it, it is real, i swear to god!! happens a few times to me, so as i am done getting my cash, i turn back, and walk off, and then those bunch of girls, came to me, and first i thought they gonna sell me something, but, one of them ask can they like have a picture with me, zyran was laughing straight when he heard the girls wanted a picture with me, LOL, first was a bunch of girls wiht me, then ONE BY ONE they take turns, i was kinda shy tho, lastly when its done, they said arigatou to me, haha, they thought im a JAP, maybe its the way i dress up that day...

And so after that kinda fun incident, we were itching, sudden itch for gambling, and guess what?? both of us went in with £10 each, with 2 hours, we exit with alot, im not gonna mention how much, but its alot ! ! =) oh yea, i brought zyran for a one day only rockstar treatment to the top of the world studios im using now, and he was amazed by it.

oh yea, last friday the 13th, went for megadeth, testament, and judas priest gig, once again, FRONT ROW MOSH !!! u can tell by the pictures i took. And lucky me, ive manage to get some cool picks and set list from testament, and megadeth's guitar picks, both dave and chris =). And im so glad that Jazz and Metal guru alex skolnick is back in testament, he is one bad ass sum up the gig, the crowd was mad, i had some bruised ribs, zyran had been squash like a roti canai, my legs are soar, and my hair was super duper messed up due to excessive head banging, its definitely worth a 9/10 rating.

zyran and i cant wait to start head banging

skolnick shredding ! !

alex skolnick and eric peterson

dave mustaine !!


"get your wings"

set list, black pick is chris, yellow belongs to dave mustaine

And thats all for the week =)
TAKE CARE ALL...oh yea, valentines suck hard anyway....being miles away from home, from loved ones...

Ps. Ed is praying hard for u to recover asap from sick, shhooooo!!! go away fever, mmmmmuuuuaaacccckkkkzzzz

Friday, February 6, 2009

london is still blardy cold, and work still isnt easy

Well, one thing for sure, its nice to see snow, but it sucks to be in it, i hate after-snow period, its wet, everywhere is slippery, the underground closed, busses stop working,u cant get out,even though u manage to get out, it is DAMN FREAKING COLD ! ! walk outside for 10 minutes and leaving ur hands without any gloves or any warm stuff, booommm, there u go, hands feeling numb, and worst part is, it hurts, and my whole hand would turn cherry red, haha, dont know why....chinese new year with snow is the first time for me, and i am not a big fan of cold chinese new year, haha, maybe im just a little homesick, missing lots of stuff back home...

best prank of snowing ive ever seen XD

Anyway just got home not long ago, having time spent in SSL 4000 G+ for 8 hours...kinda tired, but hey, i love it, hmmmmm, being a producer and musician at the same time in a same recodring session is stressful !! anyway i am kinda wondering what my lecturer said, being a producer or musician kinda have no life, and of cause having problems if u are married, due to the time being on work is massively insane...thats what people do when we wanna get fame.....having deeeeeeepppp thoughts now

1. C414
3.SE Gemini (my fav)
4.TLM 103
5.MD 421
7.SE 25600
8.Rode NT2
9.Sm 57
10.TLM 103
11.Audix F12
12. DI

wall box, all the mics plugged in

testing out placing of mics

My 2nd assitant, Justin

playing bass for the track

My 1st assistant, Alex

yea so thats it guys, hmmmmm, i know it kinda sucks me posting updates on my session only, but thats all my life is now...hahha, take care all

current mood-sinking deep in your heart
listening to - abingdon boys school (sweetest coma again)

Monday, February 2, 2009

CNY must go on !!

Even without the "real" feeling of CNY, but it still must go on, anyway, since i last updated, i was non stop working in the studios, Keljin was invited for a recording session, he was nervous at start, but as the session goes on, he was actually not bad at all, good stuff, u can be much better if u have the proper training cause u have talent dude. And the best part of the week is kuan hoe and zhen was in london for a few days, having them beside me all the time turn up quite cool ! ! and i like it alot, at last someone im close to is in london spending quality fun time with me =)

Keljin in the control room =)

dim sum ! !

zhen showing his photography skill

Visited Westfield, its a huge shopping mall, kinda similiar to 1U, but with more upper class, high end brands and of cause high street brands too. Bought some ZARA coat for £20, credit crunch makes shoppers go crazy with all these massive sales going on.

kuan hoe trying to be kuanoldinho

tiff & co

hmmmmm...., oh yea, GUESS what? its GUESS ! !


its snowing heavily outside now, snow storm !! at this time of the year? weird.....

oh more thing...


take care all