Thursday, October 23, 2008

pub session with classmates

yea, random pub and random sessions, =)
its quite a nice pub classmates are the coolest classmates i get in UK, they are totally off the hook...hahaha

Anyway, im off to sheff again tomorrow, yea,its like my second home now...haha, its kuan hoe's birthday tomorrow, and on saturday its Weng Tze's birthday bash...phew, pain in the wallet i say...

till then stay peace....

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i just do it for fun, dont go hard on me ! ! =)

Monday, October 20, 2008

To chaos or not to?

hey peeps, how u all doing?

well, im fine, in fact just had a crazy weekend, funny moments always kick ass. Thanks to Zhen (the lousy host) we had fun, eh herm, i mean hectic weekend, EH HERM ! Anyway this would be a long post if i do explain everything, erm, can i skip that to just showing u guys the pictures? hehe, u know imma lazy bastard...

This is just a simple explanation on what we did,
1. Visited Windsor castle, Zhen and Wilson was too in to it....hahaa
2. As usual, a pro camwhorer will always take freaking alot pictures.
3. Club
4. Shooppppiiiinnnggg ! ! !
5. Run around like a little boy without any sense of direction... XD

And here u go...pic picSS...

Wilson doing his cool effects from his new iPhone3G


Wilson was excited of visiting Windsor castle

Peace ! !

After a while he ended up like this....

View while the train is moving

Everyone was more than ready once touch down, CAMERA, ACTION ! !

Some view outside the castle

More view before entering(invading) the castle

Start working(CAMWHORING)

Now combo....

now enough of that and lets enter the castle

Wilson jumping for joy

Lets go ! !

This is the real deal ! !

That ends up like THIS...hahahaha

Look ! ! even with his tall hat im same as him! !

Zhen was scared that he will punch him, hahahahahah

some random pictures just not to make u so bored of the castle

Mummy returns

Trying to imitate Marilyn Monroe in a funny way

Nice night view along side river

Casino anyone?

Posing in the dark

Zhen just wanna have fun....

And i just wanna pose ! ! hahaha

Snap, snaps, and more snapshot....

Zhen and Angie

Love my hair... =)

The Gang

When the flag is up means the queen is in the castle.

Home sweet Home, XD

Castle guards

So thats it peeps, hehehe, what u think bout it? cool?? well all i know is i had a blast with these guys....till then take care

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