Sunday, August 31, 2008


Zomg, i totally forgot about Merdeka until i saw it on Terence's blog, LOL, happy merdeka guys, for those friend of mine in malaysia...or those which are outside malaysia but have merdeka in their hearts,i know ur partying hard now, as i will do the same if im in KL now. =)

Ahhh, i miss merdeka eve, celebrating with my mates, getting wasted, LOL, the most is i miss my SOM gang, i still remember there is one year we convoi to genting just for one night...hahahha, used merdeka as our lame excuse to party.

I miss you guys ! !

take care

current mood- moodswing
listening to- Gackt (redemption)

PS. ive made up my mind on which guitar to buy. stay tune if u wanna know which one im getting. XD

Thursday, August 28, 2008

so which one????


you know there is some point in life that u really want something(more than one), but u only can have one ! ! but both is also your dream gadgets/toys/ "anything u like", and the cravings for both items is high, i really wanna work my mind out so i knew which one to pick, but i WANT BOTH ! damn i only have budget for either one, and if i can and have the money, i will buy both, but i only can take one ! ! im so in dilemma now, help me... =(

its either this baby

Bc rich special custom

or this sexy

Esp custom Noisy

how how how??? which one u prefer more?? which look is super rocking look?? PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT for me (not in chat box), and tell me which guitar, and why u choose it or tell me why it suits me.... THANKS

aggghhhh ! ! i really want both ahhhhh.....anyone wanna sponsor me one??? XD

really need some of suggestion from your point of view...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


-_-, that butt itchy rachel, always nothing better to do....haih...

here it goes

Compose a list of YOUR top ten most sexiest famous men, but to me instead of sexy men, i did kickass rocking men, muahahah, and u all must do SEXIEST MEN ! !

  • Collect a picture of each guy on your list
  • Post them in your journal
  • Tag three people to do the same

shit, men ah, sexy ah?? how to do it ! !

alrite here goes

10. Alexi Laiho, guitarist of the band children of bodom

9. Uruha , guitarist of the band Gazette

8. Nikki Sixx, Bassist of Motley Crue

7. Reita, bassist from Gazette

6. Yoshiki, Drummer of X JAPAN

5. Matt heafy, guitarist of Trivium

4. A BIG NOMINATION OF MY SELF, mauahhahahahaha

3. the late Hide, from X japan

2.Duff Mckagen, former Guns and Roses, current Velvet Revolver bassist

1. Synyster Gates, Axemen of Avenged Sevenfold

HAPPY NOW RACHEL ! ! muahahahaha, its stil guys, wauahahahhahaha



1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time: 16.10pm
Name: Edward Tan
Sisters: none
Brothers: one
Shoe size: 13
Height: 193cm(rachel i am taller than u by 28cm... wahahaha)
Where do you live: London
Favourite drinks: any nice stuff
Favourite breakfast: dont really eat breakfast
Have you ever been on a plane: duh
Swam in the ocean: done that
Fallen asleep in school: yes indeed
Broken someone's heart: erm, heck like i know....maybe....
Fell off your chair: we all did, dont we??
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: nope
Saved e-mails: what kind of question is this? no... !
What is your room like: freaking godzilla messy
What's right beside you: window
What is the last thing you ate: Italian sandwich
Ever had chicken pox: -_-
Sore throat: WTF?? who doesnt??
Stitches: yes
Broken nose: no
Do you believe in love at first sight: erm, maybe.....
Like picnics: yea, it will be fun
Who was the last person you danced with: hmmmm, good question, but i forgot
Last made you smile: some stupid chap fall down by his own and nothing around him....
You last yelled at: I AM GONNA YELL AT RACHEL ! !

Today did you:
Talk to someone you like: of cause
Kissed anyone: no
Get sick: no
Talked to an ex: no
Miss someone: yes
Best feeling in the world: kick ass rock show
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: maybe, when im still little ED
What's under your bed: floor??
Who do you really hate: hmmmm, no one
What time is it now: 16.18pm

Randoms :
Q: Is there a person who is on your mind right now: yes
Q: Do you have any siblings: is this tag thing just to make annoyed ppl??
Q: Do you want children: depends
Q: Do you smile often: yes
Q: Do you like your hand-writing: not really
Q: Are your toenails painted: no
Q: Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: LEAH DIZON ! !
Q: What colour shirt are you wearing: white/green
Q: What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday: mixing music
Q: I can't wait till: X JAPAN CONCERT ! ! and my EURO trip with friends
Q: When did you cry last: woah, i think thats like ages ago
Q: Are you a friendly person: SUPER ! !
Q: Do you have any pets: yes, two doggie


all below is from RACHEL NG ! !
Where is the person you have feelings for right now? -
Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now? - of cz
Do you sleep with the TV on?- sometimes
What are you doing right now?- d tag
Have you ever crawled through a window? -uhm.... nope
Can you handle the truth?- depends
Are you closer to your mother or father? - mother
Who was the last person you cried in front of? – my bf
How many people can you say you've really loved? - many
Do you eat healthy? - does mcd count?
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex? - no... v din take pics
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you? - yeah, eg, after a quarell
How often do you go to church? – aint a christian n i went there 1ce 4 5mins oni
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to? - every1 n start toking crap happily
Are you loud or quiet most of the time? – loud
Are you confident? -sumtimes

5things I was doing 10 years ago..(1998)
1- running around
2- more running around
3- making noise
4- annoyed any ppl
5- and more jumping n running all around d place

5 things on my to-do list today
1- sleep
2- eat
3- record some guitars
4- blog
5- "free slot"

5 snacks I enjoy
1- jap sushi
2- ice cream
3- fish and chips
4- kebab
5- crisp

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1- fly all around d world
2- buy all exist guitars, bass, drums

3- stay in japan ! !
4- market my band to the world
5- get a lambo

5 of my bad habits
1- multitasking
2- ignore
3- fucking lazy
4- bullshiting
5- short temper

5 places I have lived in
1- London
2- Tokyo

3- Kuala Lumpur
4- Singapore
5- Studio

5 jobs I've had
1- being an elder son
2- rock out
3- manager to my uncles restaurant
4- student
5- and a friend

sorry guys, but i have to tag five of here it goes
i tag
1. Richard
2. Li Ying
3. Eong Xien
4. Alison
5. Vickie

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


you know there is some point in life that u really want something(more than one), but u only can have one ! ! but both is also your dream gadgets/toys/ "anything u like", and the cravings for both items is high, i really wanna work my mind out so i knew which one to pick, but i WANT BOTH ! damn i only have budget for either one, and if i can and have the money, i will buy both, but i only can take one ! ! im so in dilemma now, help me... =(

its either this baby

Bc rich special custom

or this sexy

Esp custom Noisy

how how how??? which one u prefer more?? which look is super rocking look?? PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT for me (not in chat box), and tell me which guitar, and why u choose it or tell me why it suits me.... THANKS

aggghhhh ! ! i really want both ahhhhh.....anyone wanna sponsor me one??? XD

really need some of u guys suggestion...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

SMG is back ! !

YES ! !


Sex machineguns is back to their business, which is rocking out again ! ! finally the long awaited 5th generation of Sex machineguns, once again led by the genius him self, ANCHANG, anyhow they are back on tour in JAPAN.

hmmmm, the new song, like it, but not love it, yet dont hate it....

i still prefer CV panther, and noisy on the line up, the new bassist looks so kiddy, and the fat yngwie malsteem look a like guitarist still had not impress me, what impresses me is ANCHANG, keeping his faith in SMG, and man ! ! his voice still kick ass, after a long break, he still can hit the high notes during live, and his guitar licks, its killer, believe me, HE FUCKING KICK ASS ! !

so to show u its the truth, here is two videos that SMG gigs around japan recently,

till then rock on ! !

current mood- happy to see my mom in LONDON ! !
listening to- Sex machineguns (HEAVY METAL THUNDER)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

R. I. P.

this post is to tribute to my fellow ex CHS-ian, i knew what happen, Wong Ju Liang, u battle hard enough, although i may not know u well, but rest in peace, your memories will not be forgotten by your love ones.

say goodnight (bfmv) - Edward Tan

this song is dedicated to u, its for Alex's project, but i think the feeling of the song suits u, now a minute of silents for Wong Ju Liang,

take care all and rock on

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Soul? or Passion?

Ever wonder, what it is that has the drive to makes us never give up? to go all out? Well, i certainly need lots of drive. Imma lazy bumb, i may handle things well, but sometimes, when laze takes over, im totally a dead man, doing nothing and carefree.

And for my mindset, passion or connected soul....which is the one that dominates?? which is the one that sets the rule straight ! ! well, i say both, without them, life is pretty boring. And most important of all, im in this field of battlefield that needs alot of passion and soul to keep moving forward, yes u may have the talent to have a jumpstart, but in the end, passion and soul still sets things right.

Many musicians that cant read scores, know nothing about music fundamentals, but they still stand out. Why?? cause they feel it, when they play the music, they attach them self into the music, and the passion they have takes them one step ahead. Music aint about a flat response, they have a dynamic range, which makes music more musical, just like human, heart beep goes up and down....thats the feeling we must get our passion on, FEEL it ! !

In modern music, many songs came from a background of stories, sad, happy, angry, hate, u name it we have it, and that my friends, i call it inspiration. 

till then take care and ROCK ON

current mood- I NEED ALOT OF INSPIRATION ! !
listening to - Luna Sea (i for you)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Soulfly KICK ASS

Just reach home from soulfly's London tour,

Oh My God,

they kick hard ass!! this is officially the best heavy metal gig ive been to *hope trivium will top this* . Max is such a guitar destoyer, riff machine i say...and Marc rizzo's solo is the bomb, non stop sweep picking, and a pure genius shredder. Luckly i reach early, not to say damn early like those true fanatic, but early enough to be infront ROW BABY ! ! yea, i know u wont believe it, but but but...i got pictures to show...and u tell me if its not front row...u know what, i got MARC RIZZO's pick, he threw and i grab...haha...the moshpit behind me is totally out of mind, HARDCORE ! !

Marc Rizzo's pick DUHHH

Opening Band

And for the aftermath, i am now out of voice,cause i scream my lungs out and my neck sore cause i headbang NON STOP, last but not list my leg sore because of the mad jumping...hahhaa, THANK YOU KERRANG ! ! too bad i cant get tomorrows ticket, where avenged sevenfold is performing, i bet they are gonna top my best gig 2008 list, LOL

alrite nuff said, picture time...

ahhhhh....satisfying metal GIG *fist in the air*

till then rock on and take care guys

current mood- tired
listening to- im now deaf for the moment, resting my ears...XD

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nothing better to do

haha, despite facing music on long hours, need to rest my ears, cause it aint that sharp if i continue working for HOURS ! ! anyway, to refresh my mind and ears, and nothing better to do, camwhore to max....

working on music in long hours makes u look like this

what now?? 
a guy cant camwhore?? 
whos statement is that??
 i know im posing to max...what can u do? 
sue me....XD
muahahhaha ! ! !

current mood - dreaming about rocking on a SUPER HUGE stage one day

listening to -->

Friday, August 8, 2008


hey, im back, well technically back in greenford, cause i forgot to bring my lappie to high street kensington, so yea, been staying over there for 3 days, and finally i watched DARK NIGHT ! ! man, it is good, real good, storyline kick ass, actors/actress are insanely amazing ! ! now this is what i call a superhero story, not all has to be happy ending....too bad heath died, will there be the third episode? i wish, cause the story is getting darker/gothic/ insane....

three cheers for the movie...CHEERS CHEERS and CHEERS ! ! !

anyway back to working as usual, my music stuff of cause, im on a project now, making music for director alex, haha, can u chill ah alex, making music is more hard than u imagine, good news for u, im done with the 2nd song, now on the third song, so relax, by the time u finish shooting ur movie, my music will be done...

to give u a sneak preview on what the songs sound like, i'll just explain, 

song 1 sounds like - its a dance track, fast tempo, hard beating beats, techno/trance        influence.
song 2 sounds like - its a metal song, without vocals, fast tempo, emo feeling, heavy bass.
song 3 sounds like - its a acoustic music, everything played/sang by me, emo.

except song 3, other songs are under final mixing, well, besides for alex, when im done i will post the songs up here for some comment, so wait a lil longer yea... TIll then take care all and rock on.....

current mood- no time for mood swings ! !
listening to - Zilch (psyche)


PS. happy 080808 people ! ! and beijing olympic has officially started ! ! amazing opening ceremony, astonishingly the best opener among all host, GO China and USA and Spain basketball team... XD

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Things i cant live on without them

my MAC


Matching skin eh =)

and of cause my camera phone, LOL cant snap a pic of my phone.

My mac will kill time for me,
My ipod will give me inspiration anytime anywhere,
And my phone is to get connected with u guys.....

だれでも尋ねる私に! 喜ぶ! 私のバットが椅子とすぐに形成する筈だことを実際に死に、1 日中一晩中ここに坐って退屈する、im 及び私は考える。

current mood- im bored, someone ask me out plssss
listening to- Bullet for my valentine (waking the demon)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hide will never be Replaced.

Well, u may say im a sucker for Hide, but, as a rocker my self, i really do respect what Hide does in the past, i really appreciate what he is, and Hide never fail to inspire many young souls, his like the father of all new gen Jrockers. For those who do not know about Hide, shame on u, his one of the finest guitarist produce from japan, and is the lead guitarist of X-Japan.

Hide during his side project "PINK SPIDER"

X japan days.

Although his gone now, but his passion is still with us, his influence will never be gone, and of cause the weapon of his choice is still here, is still in real world for us to continue rocking out. His Burny MG signature model will always be the kick ass guitar, no matter where and when, as long there is a Burny MG Hide signature guitar, even from far, at first glance,  u'll know its Hide's guitar.

The latest model u can get your hand on.

And it comes with a clock

I know some might say it looks like BC Rich, yes it does look similar , but sorry to say its not same. Burny guitars are originally from Fernandes Guitar, the early days of rocking supply to huge rock stars in Japan.

The famous pink MG series

Hide with his signature during LAST LIVE

Apparently, Hide used alot of Burny MG series, not to mention his whole colour collection of this MG series, and eventually time flies, Burny decides to make him his signature guitar. 

Personally i think this is the best ! ! ART OF LIFE ! !

His early signature model, the very first.

His signature guitar, will definitely be Maple or Mahogany wood, depends on which model, a Rosewood fingerboard, obviously its 24 frets, for the pickups, it contains the legendary Fernandes Sustainer, which sound will keep going, and never dies, and has few colours to choose from. Which i think there is few colours are superb.

Custom made see through body

Back when he rocks with no fear.

Till then rock on~~~ may us not forget what HIDE brought us.

長く私達が人間生きているので決して消えない音楽形式はである何誰もことを、忘れていない、WE ARE X ! ! !

Current mood - Salutes those who fall that bring us passion
Listening to - Avenged Sevenfold (DEAR GOD)
you gave us music that inspire,
that will live on as long as human exist,
your every is a whole to the young generation,
thank you for the steps that u took us to,
thank you,
Rest in Peace.