Wednesday, April 30, 2008

trip to crash kuok chern's house

hey guys,sorry for not being update once im back from nottingham,lazy me....

So lets get going, first i must say, i hadnt been with any KAKI's of malaysia for a long time, this trip is been a fun ride, lots lots of beer drinking, exploring, thrash talking and lots more...ahhhh, its good to have close friends in UK. Its 12 noon when i reach notts, so kuok chern decide to pick me up at the train station, while wai chun is busy with his last minute assignment, haha, we are just typical malaysian students doing assignments not until our very last minute. Kuok chern bring me back home first to leave my super heavy bag, his house was rather new, and environment around his house is nice, fresh air, compare to smokey hazy london, then i meet his house mate, farhan, aida, and jason. Farhan and jason, their both Man U's fans, and their both winning eleven freaks...hahaha,they can stay up all night just playing that game, haha....head on then, after a few games with them, kuok chern and i went out for lunch, jason came along, went to notts city area, had our lunch in a pub *of cause with beers* =) . And then we decided to walk around the city area, while we are still waiting for wai chun, bought some stuff, cool t-shirts, then head back home for basketball, FINALLY ! ! A FREAKING BASKETBALL COURT ! ! although the court is small and its meant to be a street style 3on3 full court basketball, but WHAT THE HECK....

kuok chern and me

Around 6pm wai chun called, meet up for dinner, kuok chern bring us to a pakistan-ish restaurant, first look at the restaurant, cheh, whats so special, but when the food arrives, first bite, OH MY GOSH....mamak style rendang spicy lamb meet, joys of tears, finally some real spicy food, after dinner, went drinking again, around 11pm went home, continue the never ending winning eleven game.

edward and wai chun

Jason happy with the dancers XD

The Gang


Woke up around 7am, *mumbling* Damn early ! ! cause wai chun told us that there is this chinese restaurant serve's dim sum, me and kuok chern was so exicted, cause both of us haven really had proper chinese food, but......the stupid restaurant only opens at 12pm, CURSE THEM ! with our hungry-growling-empty-stomach+cold+frustration= eat anything. Ended up eating SUBWAY, haha, after breakfast, wai chun had to go home to report back to his highness, yea his gf, so he left us. Me and kuok chern just explore around notts, since he himslf haven really explore notts eventhough his here for quite some time, and guess what, we found a cool place for YAM CHA, yes ! ! u heard me right, YAM CHA...mamak style, bbbbbuuuuutttt....they dont serve teh tarik, they only serve beer tarik...hahaha

Britains "mamak"

And for dinner.....kuok chern decides to cook, and he cooks almost everyday for his housemate, suprise eh??and i really have to credit his cooking, it jsut taste superb, nice food mate ! ! after dinner, went to ROCK CITY, where this clubs having a rock night, freaking awesome, three venue in one club,bands that performed from metal to punk to mainstream to old school rock...hahah, MOSHHHHHH ! ! ! me and kuok chern had more than 4 pint of beers, cant remember how much we drank...after club, went for kebab, then head home....

The mojo of dinner

haha, saw saw, killswitch engage, trivium, and more ! !


The band

There u go, im lazy to story more, cause if i do, u guys would end up sitting here for hours, and i dont want to be blame on that...ahhahaha

alrite this is it, so, comments peep...haha
till then im sigin off...take care all

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Friday, April 25, 2008

road trip ! !

hey guys, haha, well, its not exactly a road trip but im goin nottingham later, for the weekends, and yea, wai chun and kuok chern will be spending time with me, so yeah, no worries, i will update u guys when im back, just bare a few days, i'll promise i bring back lots lots picture aight???

peace out

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Music time ! !

So yea, there i was sitting infront of my throne (the chair facing my computer) whole day, doing music stuff, and then i came across this band, i've noticed them long time ago, but i find they were awesome doing acoustic performance, and she's so damn hot (>_<) , haha, so i decided to do some reviews of the band, but, let me clarify this, they are not a heavy metal/heavy rock/hardcore band, so for those who read my blog because of the heavy bands that i review, sorry, haha, sometimes even heavy metalist needs some sentimental time,hahah, anyway, want to know which band? alrite, i'll tell u guys, their PARAMORE....

""WHAT !? Holy shit, Edward u're being sissy? but i thought u only listens to Metal and Hard Rock ! what have UK done to u? are u alrite?""

Alrite !! Alrite !! told ya, let me explain !!

AH HERM ! ! im fine ! ! and by the way, how can u not say she is hot? come'on guys. And right, back to what i must say, the band was doing okay, the music was punk rock and a lil bit of indie sauce in their music, and to slice some emo in it, tadaaa, its Paramore, but what im saying is, the singer, Hayley Williams, makes their material sounds perfect, she has this really high pitch singing while the band is cranking their music, and the tone she sang in, i can say, its not easy to sing paramore's song....seriously.

now now, aint she hot??

Paramore at Grammy's

Paramore formed back in 2004 while im still in high school, and back then, nobody even know whos paramore, even me, what was hot that time is bands like, hoobastank, paparoach, linkin park, green day, all the mainstream acts hit real big, so, at that time paramore , are good in underground scene, it took them two years, two freaking years to hit mainstream.

The band, formed in Tennessee, back then, Hayley Williams was only 15 ! ! and after several line up changes, Paramore now primarily consists of Hayley Williams (lead vocals/keyboard), Josh Farro (lead guitars/backing vocals), Jeremy Davis (bass guitar), and Zac Farro (drums).

Alrite, time for moment of truth, after gaining hordes of enthusiastic fans worldwide with their debut "All We Know Is Falling", Paramore is poised to breakthrough to new heights with their newest offering "Riot!". Many songs on the album start out with basic chords and repetitive strumming patterns, and it’s usually Williams' creative vocal delivery that gives each one an identity. If you strip away the vocals from “Misery Business,” it probably wouldn’t draw much attention, but Williams injects the right combination of emotion and vocal power to carry the entire melody of the track. That particular song has one of the best choruses on the entire records thanks to the way Williams’ voice can easily hit a high note and then transition to a lower register.

The track “Let The Flames Begin” starts out with a rather cool beat that strays from the usual format, and it shows the talent of drummer Zac Farro. That beginning beat doesn’t last too long, but the band does still give the remainder of the song some nice touches. The chorus and the verse do have very different energies (the verse being a lot mellower and restrained in terms of the guitar), and that gives it a more memorable feel.

Riot ! !

Hallelujah” is another standout song, with the band wisely giving the chorus an almost cherubic feel when Williams sings. It’s probably the obvious choice for a Billboard single, primarily because it is more pop than rock. It still has a really beautiful melody in the chorus, which once again is completely due to Williams' vocals.

For my impression,
for those looking for something outside of the pop-rock genre, Paramore may be too heavy on the pop side of the equation. It’s actually amusing that the band chose the word “riot” for the album considering they are such a pop-heavy band. In any case, there quite a few melodic peaks throughout the course of the album and it’s obvious given the band’s headlining status that those melodies are connecting with audiences.

PS. sorry while i was only describing more to Hayley. xp

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Friday, April 18, 2008

some stuff i think its meaningful

I'm wearing thin, wearing out becoming weak,
Holding hands with this rope, she's my self-destructive.
Bleeding disease the things that makes it hard to breathe,
But if I shoved you far away
This addict just starved again, asphyxiated.

And now I see it's you
That's tearing me, ensnaring me
This is me dying in your arms,
I cut you out now set me free

Lynched high above what used to be
In her channels built for me
So I escaped cut this noose around my,
Neck I break free to see the things you blinded me.
And I shoved you far away.
Now I live the life I dreamed of.
You're dead to me.

You poisoned my life
So I take this knife
And I cut you out
Cut you out

Set me free

well, im kinda emo, dont know why and dont bother asking, im always going tru some emo time, it just pop out, like a hollow within me....hmmm...whatever

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

One day trip

Long lost Hui Yin. LOL.

yea, so its a typical saturday, and it happen that christian,hui yin, and wen shen is coming down to london, haha, u thinking what im thinking, of cause its a one day trip with them, well, wake up 9 in the morning, chris called, then wen shen called, to remind me bout the outing, so get ready, and head to bayswater to meet up, reach there around 12pm, meet chris outside the tube station, a while more, hui yin arrived, LOL, first thing hui yin said is, eh why u still so big?? ROFL...

Chris is lost~~~

Chris showing his thumbs up

anyway, right...lunch... went for 4 season's duck rice, according to chris, apparently its was the best duck rice u can get in UK, and if its for dinner, its ful house. Settle down, order, then food arrived, hmmmm, first thoughts of the meal, its huge...but for £6, its suppose to be huge. After we finished, sat there for quite long, everybody is cathing up bout others, anyway wen shen is late and joining us around 2pm, then suddenly, chris was looking around, its like he is waiting for something, i asked him what is it, he told me if this place is full, and u had finish ur meal, they would rush us off by putting oranges along with the bill straight to the table, hahaha, it dint happen anyway.

Cool houses

St Paul

me and chris

First stop, buckingham palace, hui yin said she wanted to pass hyde park to the palace, so we did, but, not even half way through the park, started to rain, but not heavy, so we continue, another 3 minutes, more heavy, screw it, continue walking, then HEAVY RAIN, running fast, almost half way, FUCKING HAIL STORM ! ! damn, it hurts, chris was laughing while walking all the way, cause andrew keep saying the hail hurts cause it keeps on hitting his without hesitation, run back out. MA DE ! ! reach outside the park, fucking sun shine, damn random, wanted to get back in the park, but doubts,haha, so took the bus, went for HARRODS, before i continue, this section is highly and strictly for chocolate lovers, ahha, the whole friggin section is chocolate's, anything with choco stuff in it, smells good inside,finally its sunny, walking all over the place which i dont know where it is,its freakin raining, then shiny, then hail storm, then sunny again,damn, random sia... then went to the queens palace, forgot where is it, haha, im confuse with all the names of those places, but i wont get lost, cause andrew is so god damn familiar with london, haha, cam whore there, with the gang, even wen shen was in it.

Chocolate's ! !

Chris : LOOK, its THE QUEEN ! !


Again went all around london, i think if im not mistaken, i took the tube more than 15 times today, ahaha, luckly there is a cool system, which is, if u spend more then £4.80 in tube's and buses, then every single ride next would be free, so yea, the maximum u can spend one day on rides is £4.80, anyway, went to russel's, meet up some old CHS-ian, had dinner in GBK, the most huge burger i've ever ate, seriously, i had to use my knife and fork to cut it down to piece and munch it down. After dinner, went to london eye, big ben, again camwhore moment, hahaha, chris was like "haih~~~ *sou heng*" . Had so much of fun in london with friends from malaysia, and finally, send hui yin back to high street of kesington, its tired but i enjoyed it to the max.

Me and Hui Yin

EH Michelle Kong, Look at the KIWIburger, they have u here in uk.

See what i mean? HUGE ! !

She was trying to capture our pic, but we took hers too

Me, Chris, Andrew

Credits to Chris and Wen shen to organise this, and Andrew for taking us around so we wont get lost, and Hui Yin to join the madness along, ahhahaa....

Before todays outing, i went to few places with my aunt, science musuem was cool and astonishing, and im lazy to story more,so i will just show u guys the pic we took, singin off, peace out

Sorry mom, next time i will slow down if i dirve the merc out

V12 anyone??

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