Monday, March 30, 2009

a possible ae86?

I've read bout toyota is gonna reproduce the legendary AE-86, well, i certainly hope it will be going on, and it is targeted a release in 2010, and with the help of SUBARU, they are gonna make it light (which means under 1100kg), rear wheel drive (for drifters), and cheap....just like the old one....hmmm, is it possible? we'll have to wait and see. Of cause i certainly hope they will build an AE86 of next generation. Lets hope that initial d uses that new car tooo...hahahaha...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just some thoughts

Hey guys, im back quicker than i thought, well, not much to update, im not blogging as a daily base thing, when i have something to blog bout, then i shall blog. Anyway, im officially broke, *smirks*, haha, lets hope i can survive, gonna control my cash usage, blame it on internet shopping...haha... anyone wanna donate some to me? *evil smiles*

So, im sitting in my room on a saturday night, not too often u see me doing this, but, i have to. And here by my brain just ran through something, im missing home finally, well, im always missing the food and environment back home, friends not to miss out. Especially someone special...missing everything bout her, had a long chat with her yesterday night, a really really really long chat, and im happy that some issue that i dint even know that will occur, solve it. And i dint know our background do act as a barrier sometimes, yea i know what u gonna said, as long as both of us love each other and thats it rite? well, sometimes, i really do wanna believe in it, but, in reality, it doesnt happen that easily. But, we'll do whatever it takes to make each other that, i believe in...cause its love rite? haha, love....really do blinds our vision....

Oh, and i really do wanna rock out i miss those hard rocking days, when u are so carefree, its just u and ur guitar and a stage along side with your band mates which shares the same passion as u, and just give a hell of a rock show....its been so long that i kinda need the refreshing moments....its not that im not getting any stage time here, but its different...hmmmm, i really dont know what im saying here...haha

Anyway thats all for now, till then rock on....

current mood- having the urge to crank it up to 11
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

finally its warm

hey guys, sorry to neglect this blog for quite some time, well, ive been really busy, except going down to sheff and back to london randomly, haha, and yes its warm now in UK, flowers are out everywhere, nice blossoms....sunny, but its still chilling, especially at night it still cold...but i can feel summer coming ! ! hahaha....

Anyway not much to update, so till then take care all ! !

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CHS reunion?

hey guys, yeap, as the tittle says, haha, well, its just a few of us anyway, wooi sun, kuah, meng fai was in sheff last week. Had an awesome weekend with them, party, balling, party, drinking, balling...hahaha

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My new toys

wohoooo, few of my new toys had arrived !!

First of all is the long waited/wanted to buy Vox bass amplug, what it does is with 2 AAA batteries, then plug in directly to the bass guitar, set the tone and gain u want, finally plug a headphones to the output, and there u go, rocking on the fly, less noise(for other people) and the tone for this little baby is superbly outsanding, considering its only a small amp modelling output.

And then, it was my headphones, got another POWER PERFORMANCE headphone from the well known AKG-77, this meanie has good output and crystal clear sound, excellent response. Ideal for monitoring/ recording/ listening music, and the good thing bout this headphone is, its a closeback cans, meaning that sound from outside the headphones is 60% isolated, not all, but enough for working in tight situations. If u click on the picture on the headphones and observe the top left corner, its written, FOR PROFESSIONAL USE.....hahaha, im turning pro eh? LOL

Last but not least, its my LINE 6 BASS FLOOR POD. Yea, finally, i got something to mess around with, and all in just one multieffects,im loving the factory wah pedal on this multifx, haha, man im gonna do some Cliff Burton distorted wah ! ! The compressors in this unit is not too bad either, and the most i like bout this fx is the amp modelling, from ampeg to marshall, to fender to line 6 bass amps, all in just a twist of knob away,and of cause the 4 band EQ.

yay~~~ cant wait to test the effects during live gig.....overall i am damn happy with these stuff i bought, and u know what? i got it damn cheap....haha, u cant believe it, well compare to KL of cause.

well thats all for this time, till then i'll update soon, take care all....

current mood- fiddling with the new toys
listening to - D'espairsray (redeemer)