Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why am i having these kind of feeling-unsecure situation now? i am thinking bout it non stop, keep making up either its gonna be fake or real moments in my mind, am i being unhealthy? How i wish i can be there to find out some answers for my self. Sucks to be me, falling into a deep mud yet liking it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy CNY everyone ! !

gong hei gong hei ! !


yea, its the time again when every kid is so damn happy to visit around, when the food is up high superbly delicious, and friends gathering around gambling or doing something fun. Too bad, im not back home, sigh, it kinda sucks being here alone, well, not to say alone, but not much of good friends around, but luckly i still do have my relatives.

The reunion dinner was good, and the afternoon dim sum was awesome =)

its not much of a cny feeling around here, even in china town, i guess, havent been down there to have a look, anyway, i here by wish u guys all the best in 2009 and succeed in what ever u all are in pusue of.

take care peeps

current mood-sucks to be in london for cny
listening to- children of bodom

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

can i survive?

phew, ive never felt like this before, im facing music every second time spend in UK, arghhh, and why does funk bass needs to be that

anyway for those who knows what im doing, ive worked on the icon desk(pro tools control surface), yamaha o2r, nice digital desk, and finally for today im on the neve genesis, its one freaking tough desk to understand, but, its fun, finally i get my hands on some real analogue desk, sounds amazing, and its connected to a G5 pro, with pro tools and logic pro 8 in it, but one thing bad bout this desk is, u never know what is gonna happen, at one point it seems perfect, at another point its working weirdly, and it heats up very fast....

this is the icon desk on "VEGAS MODE"

so to sum up what ive been doing from last post till now is,
1. recorded a vocal track for a korean ballet song (assistant enginner) cause i dont speak korean.
2. recorded a vocal track for a experimental accoustic song (as a master engineer).
3. being recorded on a cover song from "you know im no good"
4. missing some one :D
5. last but not least, still laughing at perng missing his flight back to KL

vocals for experimental accoustic

he is really one good korean singer, deep and seducing voice...LOL

if u zoom in to the paper, u might see the korean lyrics

perng while having a beer in london

And thats all for now, anyway i gonna head to bed, damn tired, man im getting old....sleeping at such early hours...sigh...

current mood- i miss everything bout u
listening to- abingdon boys school (howling)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It feels good to meet up with long lost friends

haha, u bet it feels good to meet up with primary school friends for dinner, went for FOUR SEASON in central, along with keljin, meiling, alvin, jane....nice conversation, nice food, nice laughs, it went well. Cant wait for the next meeting, i know its long way there, but, u guys take care aight...

peace out

current mood- hungry, but waiting
listening to- Project E.A.R

Thursday, January 15, 2009

post mortem

hello peeps,how u all doing recently? well, hope 2009 is a good start for u.

Anyway, just wanna say this, having spend my birthday with only a few of friends and family, away from home, cant do stuff that u like to do on birthdays....isnt fun at all, and the thing about being 22? well, that kinda scare the shit out of me. Responsibilities? that adds more on my i wish i was 21 for quite a long are piling up more and more, time for one day gets lesser and lesser.

Oh yea, Perng had officially missed his flight back to KL, and had to spend another 400 pounds to buy another single ticket back to KL. What a bad day for him, i did tell him not to sleep since its only few hours time to check in, but then he dooozed off, and when i reached heathrow airport, he is still back in hostel...LOL, what a trip for that guy, memorable....LOL


one acoustic production to finish, and another 2 electronic dance music to go....

i need to chiong ! !

take care all

current mood- i am feeling nothing
listening to - lamb of god (Redneck)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pre-birthday celebration

Just got back from central, it was not a bad day, i sent meng fai to the airport this morning, happy to see him doing well, despite having a heavy heart leaving UK, but hey ! ! take it easy man, im sure it will be all right.

After that, went back home to change, take bath, and after a few hours went out to have dinner, with may, vic, veronica, jess, and charmaine, they throw me a mini dinner celebration. It was somewhere near tottenham court road, central london, mehhhh, the food was not bad, neither does the price, although im not allowed to pay this meal (THANKS ALOT GIRLS ! ! ), but.....bare in mind, UK spicy=not spicy, hahaa, and the cake they bought me was a cheese cake with i-dont-know-what-is-in-it-but-it-tasted-damn-good....

being 22 aint not fun.....

sneaking whats my pressie's

Man i wish u mates are here, u know who i mean, we'll be so crazy and drunk i guess, and of cause i really wanted her to be here with me too, but it seems that situation wont be allowed....

gonna gulp that in one mouth ! !

i wonder if the wishes will come true?

Anyway, thats all for today, im gonna meet up perng tomorrow =)

current mood- happy but doesnt like the feeling of getting old
listening to - paramore (decode)

Did i ever mention hayley williams from paramore is so so hot? damn....her voice is so kick ass...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Things ive been doing since im back

yea, non other than only studio sessions, and more sessions, for me now, music is really part of my life, its not a little, it already conquer 70% of my body, ive only had mindset of music....

trying out all sorts of mic, and techniques to get a warm, punchy sound

alex and matt

current mood- feeling empty, missing pieces
listening to - lostprophets (4am)

Monday, January 5, 2009

sub zero

my my, its still snowy white outside, and believe what i have to say, it is suffocatingly cold outside, even for a guy like me which loves cold more than hot would say its cold, so either im sick or it is really cold...forcasts says its -6 outside...anyone need some snow or ice?? haha...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

back to darkness

well, here i am back in London again, its freaking cold, today wont be any better although its a little warmer, next few days forcast say its gonna be -5....yea, and snowing wont be less. Anyway, really miss u guys back home, haha, and although its hot and sweaty, but i love it, maybe u guys were there, thats why i still love home. The sun, the food, the never ending entertainment, friends, and family. And this trip back to KL, alot stuff had happend, some people changed, some people dont, and, ive stand still on hope's side for one whole year just to see "someone", to seek for my final answer, but, i guess its still non other than turning me around and around...but seriously, for my 21 years of life, well, soon to be 22, in 9 days ! ! ive never felt so badly of my self before, i dont know why, but i wanted it to happen so badly, that i forgot who am i, i gave in all i could, i dont know if its enough to u, but, heck i really gave all in.

Anyway, for my new year resolution, i need to slim down another 7-10kg, haha, yes im 5kg slimmer than a year ago and i dont know how it happen, and of cause to finish my studies, be a better guy, and of cause to make u not regret choosing me, and last but not least, to get famous on my music...hahaha...

well, till then take care all, back to studio's tomorrow... =)

current mood - dizzy on missing someone
listening to - BFMV(waking the demon)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My lovely xmas/new year break

I love u all for being there for me at all times ! !