Thursday, January 15, 2009

post mortem

hello peeps,how u all doing recently? well, hope 2009 is a good start for u.

Anyway, just wanna say this, having spend my birthday with only a few of friends and family, away from home, cant do stuff that u like to do on birthdays....isnt fun at all, and the thing about being 22? well, that kinda scare the shit out of me. Responsibilities? that adds more on my i wish i was 21 for quite a long are piling up more and more, time for one day gets lesser and lesser.

Oh yea, Perng had officially missed his flight back to KL, and had to spend another 400 pounds to buy another single ticket back to KL. What a bad day for him, i did tell him not to sleep since its only few hours time to check in, but then he dooozed off, and when i reached heathrow airport, he is still back in hostel...LOL, what a trip for that guy, memorable....LOL


one acoustic production to finish, and another 2 electronic dance music to go....

i need to chiong ! !

take care all

current mood- i am feeling nothing
listening to - lamb of god (Redneck)

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