Wednesday, January 21, 2009

can i survive?

phew, ive never felt like this before, im facing music every second time spend in UK, arghhh, and why does funk bass needs to be that

anyway for those who knows what im doing, ive worked on the icon desk(pro tools control surface), yamaha o2r, nice digital desk, and finally for today im on the neve genesis, its one freaking tough desk to understand, but, its fun, finally i get my hands on some real analogue desk, sounds amazing, and its connected to a G5 pro, with pro tools and logic pro 8 in it, but one thing bad bout this desk is, u never know what is gonna happen, at one point it seems perfect, at another point its working weirdly, and it heats up very fast....

this is the icon desk on "VEGAS MODE"

so to sum up what ive been doing from last post till now is,
1. recorded a vocal track for a korean ballet song (assistant enginner) cause i dont speak korean.
2. recorded a vocal track for a experimental accoustic song (as a master engineer).
3. being recorded on a cover song from "you know im no good"
4. missing some one :D
5. last but not least, still laughing at perng missing his flight back to KL

vocals for experimental accoustic

he is really one good korean singer, deep and seducing voice...LOL

if u zoom in to the paper, u might see the korean lyrics

perng while having a beer in london

And thats all for now, anyway i gonna head to bed, damn tired, man im getting old....sleeping at such early hours...sigh...

current mood- i miss everything bout u
listening to- abingdon boys school (howling)

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