Sunday, January 4, 2009

back to darkness

well, here i am back in London again, its freaking cold, today wont be any better although its a little warmer, next few days forcast say its gonna be -5....yea, and snowing wont be less. Anyway, really miss u guys back home, haha, and although its hot and sweaty, but i love it, maybe u guys were there, thats why i still love home. The sun, the food, the never ending entertainment, friends, and family. And this trip back to KL, alot stuff had happend, some people changed, some people dont, and, ive stand still on hope's side for one whole year just to see "someone", to seek for my final answer, but, i guess its still non other than turning me around and around...but seriously, for my 21 years of life, well, soon to be 22, in 9 days ! ! ive never felt so badly of my self before, i dont know why, but i wanted it to happen so badly, that i forgot who am i, i gave in all i could, i dont know if its enough to u, but, heck i really gave all in.

Anyway, for my new year resolution, i need to slim down another 7-10kg, haha, yes im 5kg slimmer than a year ago and i dont know how it happen, and of cause to finish my studies, be a better guy, and of cause to make u not regret choosing me, and last but not least, to get famous on my music...hahaha...

well, till then take care all, back to studio's tomorrow... =)

current mood - dizzy on missing someone
listening to - BFMV(waking the demon)

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