Monday, March 31, 2008

lousy flight

Here u go, as updated, added pix in....

me and alvin aka underdog king

Max the "big business" brother

ah be the china apek looking guy...hahah

lay san, she's just too cute and innocent..haha

Yin don wanna show her face; king doesnt know his in the picture

me and kuan yee before airport, dear ah dear, miss me now??

Sam, yea i know, our pose quite gay

my super long neighbour, ching eu and far right, william ryan

below- sze hong ; top-yea u know him, chris

Chee Wah


Before i start my bloggin, i would like to thank everyone who came to send me off, yea u know who u are...hehe....i will post the picture up soon...

Hey peeps, its my very first post in london, well, it took me one whole 24 hours day to pack my stuff into my room and blah blah, so, yea, finally free for a post, and not to mention bout the stupid flight, which took me 8 blardy hours from KL to DOHA, then from DOHA, another 7 freaking "just-sit-there-doing-nothing-and-only-sleep-ohya-and-the-show-was-bored" hours, and u know what??? checking out of Heathrow airport took me 2 hours ! !

Woke up today, at 9 in the morning, cause its cold, haha... its cold in london recently, but what i heard from my aunt and couz, they said i were lucky cause its not that cold and it will be more warm in the coming days, anyway today was like 12-14c, yea, u wear anything u want, i find it cool cause i can wear more stuff as accesories, to make my slf nice, not like malaysia weather, its so darn hot that u can only wear one piece for guys. Went to oxford circus, its like KL, busy city, crowded, and im so gonna go back tomorrow, cause i saw a three floor topshop ! ! u know im a topshop freak...hahahaha....

Darn *sigh~~~*

gonna find a temp job soon, really, u cant survive with ringgits here, really need to earn the currency here so i wont feel pain....even a one stop tube train tix cost £4... ! ! i know ! ! u can get a taxi to drive u from sunway pyramid all the way down KL...

Anyway, todays post will be shorter cause im sleepy, its 10.09pm, dont know why i get sleepy much much earlier when im always in london, maybe its cold and peace, and yellowish...hahaha

till then take care....

current mood : sleepy and emo
listening to : Jimi Hendrix (just got it from HMV today)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Leaving ! !

alrite peeps, this will be my last post for my time in malaysia. Im freaking down now, lots of things happen last minute, happy, sad, whatever, and to my friends...i love u guys lot...but keep in touch ya

well, you are the one i will miss the most ! !

  1. ah Kam - miss the times with u man, well keep it up ya, be more confident in what u do best
  2. Ai Hooi - u be happy always k?? ur the best jimui ever ! !
  3. Alex Ong - malou, thanks for the times in INTI,haha...
  4. Colleen Chai - although long time only we've catch up once, but all the best to u too
  5. Shi Yun - remember, u'll always have my back, dont give up ! ! your a strong girl, friends forever
  6. Branden James - remember when u make it big, dont forget me man, ur the best vocalist for SOM.
  7. Carmen - Sis, will definitely miss u the most, thanks again for the times. Love ya, HUGZ
  8. Jay Win - Tall dude ! ! i will continue playing basketball for our sweet memories. Heng dai forever ! !
  9. Jaynee - u do take care aight?? anything, just call me, or msg me...
  10. Jia Zhang - Dai lou, i will keep ur time spent with me drinking in my heart forever ! ! your a smart boy, dont let me down k?
  11. Jian Hwa - bro, all the best for anything u do man ! ! will always keep in touch, BFF ! !
  12. Jun Kai - 8 ball crew...WOOOOT ! ! man, hope to see u soon in UK, be fast ! ! take care.
  13. Kah Joe - Thanks for showing me what its like for a real party !! love ya man
  14. Kuan Yee - although its little time, but of cause will miss this leng lui la ! !
  15. Ah Keong - keep it real man, ur the man...dont let small matter bring u down
  16. King - Big bro ! ! haha, love it when ur high on alcohol...
  17. Kiu Fung - thanks alot for the help in college...see u soon
  18. Kuan Hoe - 8 ball rocks ! ! ciaoz to the miaoz to the pees ! !
  19. Kwen - one talented singer i've saw, keep it up, i know u can.
  20. Lay san - miss u lots ya sis, take care...HHHUUUUGGGZZZ
  21. Lucinda - lulululu...muackz..haha...dont forget me ya
  22. Mark - The rev look a like, drum all your heart out man...
  23. Meng Fai - once a brother, always my brother, fai foo fai ! !
  24. michelle kong - eh, half jap half malaysian ! ! i mean u look like, haha...take care aight ! !
  25. Ming Shiu - once a blue moon sis...hahah
  26. Pi Pi - putra for life eh?? haha...pi pi to the max ! !
  27. Rachel - u little kid who sacred to club ! ! haha...take care k
  28. richard - man, u keep it up man...
  29. Ronald - haha, dont club too often ah...not good, smoke less k??
  30. Sam nee - be a MAN, finally ! !
  31. Shawn soon lee - mat chat ! ! haha...take care of the gang k??
  32. Shou Jun - TBK for life ! !
  33. Somm semm - SOM rocks because of u, dont forget that...i will never forget what wonderful stuff u done for me
  34. Wei Wei sang - thanks for the wish, and u rock too, hugz
  35. wooi sun - ssssuuuuppp ! ! take care k? control la ur temper...hahah...chill man, peace out
  36. William Ryan - ur the real DK, haha, u know what i mean rite?? brother! !
  37. Wilson - ah siiiiiiiii ~~~~
  38. Xue Zhang - ur seriously my personal joke maker...haha, take care and dont club that much, not good..haha
  39. Yean Ling - its been hard for me , but your a wonderful friend i'd ever had...
  40. Yin Yin - rice rice rice, rockstar rice is in the house...haha
  41. Zhen aka chak fuuuu - Yam Cha mouz...kuai san la...haha...
  42. Chia yin - eleh, famous d dont forget tau...haha...nice time yam cha-ing with u
  43. sharon - really gonna miss those times...
  44. To my INTI BASKETBALL GANG, u know who u are, thanks alot ! ! u give me such a nice time while being in malaysia....
  45. alex yip - apa macam la boss...hahaha

And due to not much time, im gonna sign off here

TO THOSE I DINT MANAGE TO MENTION, u will be always in my heart,

last but not least,


Monday, March 24, 2008

Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold

Alright, its those time where im comparing two bands which are soon to be rock gods of this era. Well, im a fan of this two heavy metal band since they debut their very first single, both of these band have their very special identity, different way of showing their love for rock.

These two heavy thrash metal band had been through alot of shit to really earn their way up to big fame, their flawless never-ending work on what they do best, their creativity, and their way to rock out. I know the people around us are often talking bout legends and their old super mega hit songs, and wont accept any new stuff from new bands ; but which its true, needless to say, those legends and their super hit songs will never be vanish from the people, but isnt it time to move on and to search for new material? are we suppose to live in the past?? Not for me, no offence, i do love what those legends did to their never-to-be-forgotten music. However, I often get into conversation like these, let me put in to a scene, where one group are talking bout Metallica, then i would join in and to discuss with them, then i would bring in new cool bands that is potentially be the next baton receiver of Metallica, but would end up asking me, whos that band?? never heard of them, are they any good? they would doubt it, but not untill i let them listen to some of the new materials from new bands, only, they would agree to what i've meant earlier.

Okay, lets get into these two bands, for the first band i will be introducing TRIVIUM then AVENGED SEVENFOLD.


They are a heavy thrash metal band from Florida which formed on 2000.


Matthew Kiichi Heafy, known as Matt Heafy, half Japanese half American, super shredder, mastermind behind all the riffs and solo's, was signed by DEAN guitars and has a signature guitar, lead vocalist for the band,writes / produce their songs.

Matt Heafy

Corey King Beaulieu, guitaris for the band, back up vocalist, also signed by DEAN guitars, very technical shredder and has a astonishing sweep picking skill.

Corey Beaulieu

Paolo Gregoletto, bassit for the band, also a back up vocalist for the band, usually on high pitch singing, has a signature bass from BCRICH guitars. An amazing bassist, off the hook.

Paolo Gregoletto

Travis Smith, drummer of the band, is known for his fast footwork on drums, a skill that is often rewarded by modern drummer. Co-founder of the band. Signed by DDrums.

Travis Smith

For their newest cd, THE CRUSADE which contain 13 tracks of obscenely brave and ambitious to a glorious collection of thrash metal. Its the heaviest, sharpest, and head banging. THE CRUSADE is one of a hell ride, like most of metal cd's, it starts off slow, but no worries as u go on, their music will get more and more hard hitting songs, so dont get fooled by the name of the band, for this is surely one not to disapoint. These songs from THE CRUSADE, range anything in metal, from cool guitar harmonizing solo's, to shred and sweep picking. For those who like fast pace, in your face and power drums, heavy riffs, grand intro, super guitar and bass solo's, this is the cd you should grab without any further hesitation. Listen to track #1 (IGNITION), #2 (DETONATION) , #3 (ENTRANCE OF THE CONFLAGRATION),and their super heart pumping head banging #4 (ANTHEM-WE ARE THE FIRE) , it would blow up your mind at the very moment u listen to these four tracks, for the other tracks in the cd, its all worth every single second u spend on listening to it. My impression on this album, easily best from Trivium, i dont think any other metalcore/thrash band are even up to their standard.


The band was form way back 1999, an all american hard rock band from California.


MATTHEW CHARLES SANDERS, known as M. SHADOWS, the man of all, vocalist of the band, has his unique dark edge voice. He used to be in a punk band. A songwritter for their songs.


ZACHARY JAMES BAKER, known as ZACKY VENGEANCE, left handed guitarist of the band, he is also a backed up vocalist. Has his own clothing line, VENGEANCE UNIVERSITY, endorsed by SCHECTER GUITARS, signature guitars.

Zacky Vengeance(top), Zacky and Synyster(bottom)

Zacky's signature guitars by SCHECTER.

JAMES OWEN SULLIVAN, best known as THE REV, a unique drummer for the band, his style of playing the drums never fail to impress, also a pianist for the band. One of the best drummer of this era.


BRIAN ELWIN HANER. JR, aka SYNYSTER GATES, mutli instrumental american who plays lead guitar for the band, his a well known guitarist of this century, a unique signature playing style of his will never learnt by others. Signed by SCHECTER GUITARS.


JONATHAN LEWIS SEWARD, JOHNNY CHRIST, the bassit of the band, he is the third bassist for avenged sevenfold, and the longest serving.

Johnny Christ

As musicians, the members of Avenged Sevenfold are definite virtuosos in a time when being accomplished artists seemingly means so little. They are inquisitive and never fully satisfied with their own work. They seek to grow and improve every day, regardless of the obstacles or costs involved.They are a rock band. They are rock stars. They are Avenged Sevenfold. In their new self tittle album AVENGED SEVENFOLD, is proof that they are here to stay in that they have delivered an album that has definitely seen the band progress from City of Evil’s heights. It is difficult to say how well this offering shall be received by the mainstream, but expectations should be high, not because this album is more radio friendly, but because it should appeal to a wider audience than City of Evil did. If one track were to be picked out as a microcosm of the album, it would most certainly have to be A Little Piece of Heaven, an eight-minute opus including all of the best parts of the album. Avenged Sevenfold’s existing fan base should be satisfied with this attempt, although one drawback is that there are only ten songs to listen to, not counting one or two bonus tracks which I hear are of old material anyway.

Well, overall, i love both Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium, it would be a lost if a rocker like you missed out their albums, i would buy another copy if some ass stole mine, really, i will....

When to listen to their music?

Best when,

  • thrashing out your room ! !

  • need some head banging moment

  • when you need to release some anger

  • on the go

  • need some inspiration

  • almost fully awake

  • fucking traffic jams

And so this would come to the end, im signing off now, FOR THOSE WHO ABOUT TO ROCK, I SHALL SALUTE YOU ! !

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Truely rocking moments, me and Kwen

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Poppy anyone??


just got back from Bar Celona, right before clubbing, had a dinner with all my relatives in seremban, haha, its a fun night clubbing with both of my cousins, cool cousins, but thats not i wanna story bout for this posting.

First of all, sorry guys, for dint post yesterday , haha, dont get mad ya, anyway, yesterday was quite a day for me, i was quite a good sleep-er, woke up in the noon, around 2++pm, get some lunch for my slf, pack some stuff , and make my self fully awake, by then its almost 5pm, next, received a sms from yin yin, by that sms, only im aware that im having a gathering/farewell dinner with my primary friends, so quickly wash my self, dress up.....then flew straight to yin yin's house to pick her up.

When we reach pyramid, i thought i was late for the dinner, but, suprisingly we're the early birds, head to FRIENDSTER cafe, and u know what?? shi yun actually make an reservation for 15 ! ! nevermind that, so we sat down, order some stuff, next came wei bing, seriously, from the moment she came in, i never thought it was her, really, only when she said hi and i looked, "oh wei bing is here". haha, and i dint really remember when is the last time i saw her, i think easily 4-5 years, after wei bing arrived, then the others arrived. Had our dinner, took some pictures (i'll post the pix up when i get it), have a catch up talk among all, then i have to rush to the next venue for another farewell party, so me and chris say good bye to the others, and head straight to my next party, since chris were friends to the other gang.

Alright, lets get the party started, hahaha....

Guess what?? this is the first time catholic basketball team has gathered for clubbing ! ! never before....Ronald, Chee Wah, Wei Wei, Danny, Jay Win and Chris joined forces to rock Poppy, funny right? Imagine, a bunch of tall freaks entering the club. Freaky. And man it was fucking jam, stucked outside atmosphere club main road for like 30 minutes. Luckly Chris had his pre-clubbing song list to pump us up.

traffic sucks

even jay win cant stand the idiot traffic

*Drums roll*
tadaa...first step inside poppy, crowded, loud music, people dancing, full house of chicks, lighting effects shooting all over the place, the gang was already nodding their heads, while walking to our table. First yam seng was damn funny, we shouted, "CATHOLIC .....! ! !" , "FIGHT.....! !" , hahaa...our old slogan to pump our self up before every basketball game.

Ronald : HEY, get me another shot ! !

wei wei scouting for chicks

Ronald, Chris, Wei Wei

Chris and me posing at our very best. XD

Danny , me and Jay Win

Now this paragraph is the most interesting part, after we had down few cups, everyone was hypered, dancing all over the place, then me and jay win decided to walk around the place to spot some chicks,haha...two 6 footer walking around the club, and we're quite paiseh, cause most of the people was looking at us,hahaha.... as we are passing the main podium, suddenly somebody grab my ass from behind, i was totally shocked and stoned, then i turn around to hope that is one of my friends, but holly shit ! ! mark my words , holly cow shit ! ! its a girl who grab my ass , and that moment was so embarasing, the people around that girl was looking upwards to both of us, and the girl came closer, asking me

girl : are u chinese??

ed : yea u bet i am, did u just grab my ass??

girl : haha,yea, i cant help it, but u dont look like your local.

ed : oh dear, i am local.

girl : both of u are some model??

ed : erm.......

girl : anyway your hot.

ed : *speechless and looked at jay win with some weird face*

Jay win : ed, this place is crazy, are u sure they all are not on drugs???

ed : i seriously dont know whats goin on.....

girl : so whats your name?

ed : edward..... *i dont really bother to ask her back*

girl : wanna dance sexy?

ed : * looked at jay win to save me*

jay win : hahahahaha, lets go over there ed
ed : *answer back real fast* yea man, i think our friends is looking for us

girl : alright then, be back quick....
ed : ok no problem....

Then both of us were laughing our way out, seriously all my life and this is the first time i feel not comfortable talking to girls, and she's not that bad, i guess im seriously super duper shy. So, as we move to the center of the podium, there is two more girls approached us, and said we look familiar, maybe from some advertisement or magazine's, at point blanc, jay win said yea, i was like , WTF? u freaking admit it??? LOL, and we dance with them. It was seriously a crazy night, never tried before situations, hahah...usually we guys approach girls, but its all upside down for that night. Anyway, me and jay win came up with a answer for our self as we're wondering why do girls approach us, the answer, we're freaking tall and we dress up nice, haha, well, to dress up nice is our must. After the whole "girl approach" situation, we thought it was over and thinking we're just lucky today, and so we head back to our table, half way, ANOTHER FREAKING HAWT CHICK approach us, dont hate us guys, we're just being lucky, and she ask us the same question again, are u both models?? have i like saw u somewhere before? may i get both of u a drink??? As for this time, we handle it flawless, had a drink, a small talk, and leave ! !

No offence, but i was still thinking bout it, are girls that daring? or maybe its just the alcohol made them daring. Still seeking for an answer. We finish our bottle at 2.30am , and thats the moment the whole gang really got high, started dancing again, with the combination of nice music. And we called it a end. HAHA, u should see wei wei dance man, never thought he will ! !

And chee wah, his a hustla man, drinking hustla....shocked right??

So the gang and i had supper, waiting for the alcohol effect to wear off, then leave. I was damn tired, sleepy, and i still have to go back pyramid to collect my car since i followed chris car to poppy. THANKS CHRIS for driving me back to the parking lot.

at 4am in the morning, collecting my car

Hell yeah u bet it was fun clubbing with those guys, im really really really really really really gonna miss u guys, seriously.....

So im gonna end my post here, as for todays credits, THANKS SHI YUN for organising the primary gathering/farewell party for me , and THANKS Danny, Jay Win (if he wasnt there, i dont think my ass will be grabed) , Wei Wei, Chee Wah, Ronald, and most of all Chris for all the help. Love u guys.



current mood : its 6.25am in the morning, what do u think?? of cause im sleepy.

listening to : Trivium - Drowned and Torn Assunder

still have alot friends to catch up, so wait for me ya ! !

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Clubbing baby ! !

*phew* just reach home from two clubs baby ! ! yea, u heard me right, two freaking clubs...haha, its actually all danny and chris(fai) suggestion. It all happen on 10.45pm, danny called me, asking "dude, where u goin tonight? i wanna drink some shit man" and from there, it all started, danny end up calling jay win, but he cant make it, KONONNYA , his accompanying his girl friend in damansara. For that, danny called chris(fai) too, but the actual plan was to try out the new bar named BOMBAY,dont really know the name, which is located beside Bar Celona,its not bad, from what i saw when ever i pass by,they have some nice decorations, cool plasma tv, and blah blah.... whatever...haha. So decided to go there by my self first, to check it out while they are on their way since i stay opposite pyramid, and for a sudden, my brain came of a fella, my cousin, the VIP of Bar Celona, and i took my cell phone and try my luck, when he pick up my call, without any doubts, i said "hey couz, im downstairs of Bar Celona, come down and bring me in, and he did, just after i got my FIRST chop from Bar Celona, danny rang and ask where am i, and i told him, and bring him along, hahaha....and we hang out there for some while, danny said not exciting enough, and then this brilliant idea came from chris, "lets go maison", and we're like, "okay, lets go", by then its already 11.50pm, we got on danny's car and with the attitute of legend F1 driver, michael, we reach KL at 12.00pm.

First chop Bar Celona

When we're bout to enter Maison, at a glance, i saw Sunil was there hanging out with his bunch of friends, as usual, we went over and do the nigga hello thing, and suddenly, some one called chris among Sunil's friend, guess what, Timmy the long lost basketball friend of ours too...haha, so, needless to say, of cause we joined them LAH ! ! And here's where i get my SECOND CHOP.

L: Maison R: Bar Celona

Arh~ ~ feel's like home, my feeling at the first step entering Maison, i havent been clubbing there for damn long, around 6-7 months....

Chris, me , Danny

Two bottle's of black label for 8 person, and u know we are gonna get tipsy,haha....while waiting for those weapon-of-destruction-which-will-make-you-more-daring and-do-some-joke-stunt to arrive, i went second floor, and saw 3 bunch of friends, first bunch, PD gang, all friends from PD, then, right across PD gang's spot, its Avin and his gang (also long lost basketball friend), after saying hi to those two gangs, i continue searching in high hopes of bumping into another gang, haha...lucky me, bump into sharon...haha, now u know why i said it feels like home while entering maison.

Went back to the table, chris and timmy was already starting the drinking war,haha, they even drag me in and down 3 set's of pure 5 seconds liquor, oh boy, after that, adrenalin pumping baby ! ! PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR ! ! hehehhee, saw one of my chick friends, not very close to her, shocked me,she did say hi,and we start talking and had some shots and man it was fun, she was damn hot yo...and i have to give credit to Timmy for setting me up man, u know what im saying, hook me up. But guys and girls, dont think dirty, its just a dance and some drinks, and some chatting....haha, i knew u peeps was going SENGET thoughts.

Chris showing his PEACE

When all the fun was just half way, damn, someone started a fight...shit fights, from some pussy cunt who wanna pissed my friend off. Why people must fight when they are tipsy, LOL, i never fight once in a club when ever i was high on shots...cant they control their actions?? Try to talk big, act big, and all those fucking cunt craps. But in the end, settle...but both sides still furious, i did try to back up my friends, but, my friend wont allow me, yea i mean the chick wont allow me. Oh ya, and i saw Colleen Chai's sister, and she was sweet talking with danny, OMG, cant belive that, at first i saw danny and some girl talking, then danny bring her to our table, and with closer look, i was like "Eh?! arent u colleen's sister???" and she's like "Oh, i remember u, your colleen's friend right??" , and yea u bet, danny was giving me those one of a WTF kind look, hahaha....

Man, im damn tired now, thus there is more to tell, but, who cares, u guys would just end up reading half of this post, haha, yes i shall stop here, trust me, stop here..hahaha....

PS sorry for not taking more picture's of the current situation =P

take care peeps, peace out

dont drink and drive

current mood - fucking heavy eye's

listening to - Alter Bridge (Blackbird)

signing off and hitting to my sack.


Crap....its already 8pm, and im starving now...and someone is suppose to call me at 7pm to tell me where to eat ! ! instead, im still waiting for that SOMEONE to tell me the venue, when i called, say not sure yet. *SIGH*

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Things i did before UK ! !

Ahhh, the goin-to-be memories of malaysia, haha....

Yinz house

INTI Basketball tournament post party

K session after party (Duncan, me, Alvin)

Pei Li aka KRAZY

me and Alvin

Whole lot of shit i've done, haha...needless to say, i'll just show u the pix

Yam cha ! !

In malaysia, there's always something u can do at night, if you're almost broke and feel like hanging out at some place for hours, well, in malaysia u can do that, hahaha, just went out for a session at Williams mamak. Todays session was quite fun, those who turn up are Melvin, Danny, Desmond aka Dessy duck, Rachel, Hong, Potter, Wan Ting, and Potters friend. As usual, Dessy was sitting beside Rachel and DO NOTHING. Maybe silents is the true power.... And OMG, Dessy got a new hair cut, but shit, dont have any picture of his new eye catching, striking, head turning-car crashing, four lines, semi seafood (lala) hair, too bad i dint take down any picture *sigh*, and his gonna cut it off tomorrow, damn ! ! wasted.....
Damn, to think bout it, i still have a fucking long list of "yam cha with" right before i leave malaysia, damnit, time would be so blardy packed till the very end of my time in malaysia. hmmm....maybe i would just ask all of them to gather all at the same time?? but that would be so mixed up, different gangs, different people *sigh,while looking at the list*....HELP ME ! ! Wo my GOD, 9 more days to London. GAN JIONG ! !

till then rock on

current mood : EMO
listening to : Bullet for My Valentine - Tears Dont Fall
and im freaking tired.......

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Totally Random

Its already late 9, im done customizing my layout, settings of my blog, man im so confuse, wonders how on earth other people make their blogs so interesting, with all the flying stuff, custom page, blah blah. So in order to impress others too, i still have alot work to do, hahah...and i need expert advise to make it happen, well, anyone willing to help me?? or at least teach me....sigh...
oh ya, this morning i woke up with a shock, when i was awake, the first thing i do was grap my mobile, look at the time and look who msg-ed me, so there was one msg from my friend saying,

"Ed, xxx is at SJMC now, his having operation soon, better come and see him"

and then i was like WTF ! ? From that msg i was so fully awake. After all verifications from other friends, found out it is really a operation, but minor, *phew*, totally freak me out.
peace out

Rise today

Well, peeps, this will be my new blog from now on, this time, i will update my blog all times, if i do have the time. As for my old blog *laughing* , i freaking lost my login id and password.

*Eh herm* this blog is to keep u guys update on what am i doing and stuff, so....yea, all of u guys better read my blog.

11 more freaking days to LONDON ! ! *nervous*