Sunday, November 30, 2008


this is so awesome ! ! takamizawa toshihiko and anchang together ! ! look at the cool custom guitars, this the most power match up i ever seen in jap metal history....

and if u cant listen properly, here is the song,

TSUKIHIME - Toshihiko Takamizawa

now grab ur guitar, and rock out loud ! !

Saturday, November 29, 2008

hey people, was feeling quite inspired few hours ago, haha, maybe its because ive just watched METALLICA: SOME KIND OF MONSTER, the 2 hours documentary is awesome, its so totally metallica, the ego, the controlling, the ups and down, being famous aint easy. For those people who about to rock, i do suggest you watch this movie. Well, talk bout ego, i guess everyone has it, its just that if u really want to stand by your point of view or, u know your point of view are better but remain to be silent.

decorations in Regent St.

Hmmmmm, dispite staying in a city of the world, London, i dont feel christmas at all, what i do feel is the cold wheather, but a friend of mine told me if u wanna feel it, go shopping, go spend some cash, and thats xmas, haha, what has become to the world now.

And, there is something stuck in my head for quite some time now, cant really tell it out straightfoward, but wish to show what i felt. Its hard to accept something u dont really like, knowing that u really would do anything for it to come true, but for me now its like half, or none at all but i feel im there, the things u said, makes my day, but in the other end, still knowing that its not that easy, its still underground, sigh....i guess when the time is right, and when the question is pop out, cant imagine the drama of it. I hope your answer will be ME.

Till then take care all

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another song

yeap, another song, this song is more hardcore, erm, its a short song, around 30 seconds, its for commercial usage, or anything comes in mind.

short ride - Edward Tan

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

new song ! !

hey guys, this is what ive been done lately , well, not all, but one of the 5 songs...its a progressive/metal kinda rock, yet once again without vocals, cause i cant sing for nuts ! ! give me some feedback on the song, i double tracking with each guitar so it sound BIG, it took me 16 takes to finish the guitar part of the whole song, 16 tracks of freaking distortion guitar ! ! and added some distortion for the bass or else i cant hear anything once played along those huge sounding guitar, and for the intro and outro there is some piano, used my yamaha keyboard to do it, not particually nice and fab intro/outro, but somehow i think they match, finally for the drums, i like the sound and overall of drums, anyway hear it for ur self....

metal mania - Edward

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

foosball anyone?

UK Foosball Championship 2008

hey guys, im back, in fact back in a tired shape. I spend my weekend in bristol, having qualify for UK Championship 2008(foosball). But before that, i meet up with Ivan and Roe, nice lads, they bring me around and show me whats in Bristol....once again THANKS ROE AND IVAN ! ! And they bring me to one cool chinese restaurant which looks so expensive, but it aint.

the view inside the chinese restaurant

the mall at bristol, when modern meets old school

inside the mall

Xmas decoration on the way ! !

Roe and meeee

And comes the best part, after the tournament, i follow Eelins car back to London, 6 people, one ford focus, 3 hours ride, i dont know how we make it, and never want to try that again...hahha, thank you Eelin ! ! for the ride....had 4 seasons for dinner, then crash at zyrans crib, nice place, very inspirational, ideal for musicians to stay.

Co-driver Ken directs Giles

see!!! me, eelin,zyran, and carey, in the back seat....... -_-

Carey's "TOY" ride in London

oh yea, It snow today morning, slight snow, i dont think its even 1 meter thickness of snow, its more like a rain snow kinda thing. Man its getting really cold now, hate it. Finally, i guess i need a hair cut, its long again, but i dont wanna cut it now, want to cut it during the time im back in KL, its better and much cheaper.

Snow =)

too long too long, yari yariii....

Thats all for now, keep track and take care all....

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008





Monday, November 17, 2008

im such a poser....yea me ! !

master pose 1

master pose 2

master pose 3

cam whore max ! ! if u dont like what im doing then beat it ! ! i shd be called as the camwhore GURU.... hahahaha.....

Sunday, November 16, 2008


yeap, having some sessions in studio, currently working on "project Ren'ai". The bass is really sweet, the tone kick ass, for those who know what im talking has the phat low end, thus it doesnt lose on the mids and highs, perfect pickups, perfect body, and perfect flow of the neck....

will update soon, keep in touch, and take care all

さよなら !!

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


happy birthday to three friends of mine which happen to be born among these 3 days....




Tuesday, November 11, 2008

State of the art

hey peeps, well, sorry again to take one whole week to update my blog, feeling lazy and busy at the same moment, alright, this is what happen,

first of all, i went nottingham for Malaysian games, i played basketball for sheffield UNI, tell u what, on that day it self, its like a reunion party from high school, and primary, or college....seriously no joke, out of blue moon, i saw lots people that i lost contact, funny thing is i still remember who they are...hahaha, and well, for the basketball tourney, i only manage to get them to quater finals. Too bad i dint take much picture here. OH YA ! ! the food was great ! ! it makes me miss malaysia so much, they had nasi lemak, laksa, and all sorts of pasar malam food there ! ! and the big deal is, it taste great ! !

David, from manchester.

Then, of cause its party time, haha, imagine playing basketball the whole day, fighting ur ass off just to win games, then right after u finish the game, leg still feeling soar, and head back for party...thats why i got real drunk easily that day.

And, my bass guitar has arrived ! ! was damn happy when i heard it has arrived, after class straight flew/run/rage back to house and excitingly open/rape out the box, and man.... i thank god that i dint choose the wrong guitar...its as sexy as jessica alba...hahahhaha

My new sexy axe

hahaha, i know i cam whore alot with it, but....what the heck.... =)

till then take care all, next week ! ! SG GAMES ! !

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

week of massive (part4)

Before i continue posting some photos, would like to express my feelings, erm, i miss u lots ! ! u know who u are, and how i wish i am going to langkawi with u on ur holiday ! !

now, after all the chaos, non stop chor di session, drinking, and all the non stop action, we head to Manchester to pay Carey and Tzelin a visit. I must say, Manchester have great chinese food, seriously, 3 meals a day chinese food, then we went for sing K session in manchester, haha, well, the place is not as nice as what we can get back in KL, rather dodgy looking place, oh....and u know what, we miss the last train back to sheffield, instead, we wonder around like some jakun fella...hahahha

Some food carnival

zyran feeling sleepy while waiting train to Manchester

Manchester ! !

K session ! !

3 guys and 3 "million" beers

Ee lin

i dont know what this suppose to be, but looks cool...

Haha, i know i look gay on this pic, but no choice ! !

Tze lin and Ee lin

Gambling session while i was asleep (bottom right corner) XD

Carey with his almost to be leather jacket

And i finally meet Wendy and Hau Wen in Manchester, after long long long time, reunion..hahhaa, Thanks for everything guys =), will come down Manchester more often to visit u guys =)

Wendy ! !

Clockwise, Me, Kuan hoe, Carey, Zyran, Ken, and Eelin

Now thats all guys, next week, NOTTINGHAM GAMES ! !
till then take care all.....peace

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