Monday, September 29, 2008

Im so screw-ed

Damn, i now dont have my hse keys with me, i dont have my baby mac with me and im stuck with this computer with hard-to-type keyboard, gosh, the trip was fun, but time taken on travel aint.....

And it took me 20 minutes to write all this, damn the keyboard. Anyway, no update for the moment, not untill i get my Mac back, sorry for the delays, but i will be back with u guys soon....and there is a special guest blogger on the next post, so keep track in a few days (or weeks) hahahahhaha.... take care

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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Just got home from meeting up another friend of mine which is "long lost little phui yin" , haha, well, im so glad that we finally meet up, had a really good catch up with u, and i hope u do ur best and good luck for ur bright future ! ! and yes i will update u more IF U ONLINE OFTEN ! ! !

Anyway, heading off to sheffield in another 7 hours.....must have fun ! !

and here are the pictures for today,

hmmm, while waiting, camwhore abit

walking to "dont know where"

Ohh, nice car, let me go have a look

black beauty

yellow power ! !

but ewwww, green.....

amazed by the cars and end up lost

finally meet up with phui yin =)

told ya the picture taken in tube was much nicer ! ! XD

till then take care all

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've been PUNK'd

I cant believe ive been punk'd

seeRYERSlee....thanks for the punk ! !
my heart pumping so damn hard while u guys tell me the "good" scam, damn u ! ! hahahhaha....

to the other readers that dont understand this, do not ...!!

And tomorrow should be a great day, and the day after tomorrow, would be massive fun! Cant wait. By the way, had my exam today, did great, but i want more, hahah. Next up, chaos here i come! ! oh yea, im so into jazz now, for the moment, dont know why and wont try finding out why, love at first sight "hearing". Thats all for today, have fun and take care guys....

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Life, is the most important things in everyones life, catch it while u can.
Everyone has something important to do, there is only one chance of living this,
everyone is doing what they feel like.

And what are u waiting for? embrace your dream.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

some cool editing stuff

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just another update

Hey guys, i know i've not been updating as often as last month, but anyway, just to briefly update u guys, i've been to few of the last festivals for summer in London, which some how is organized by my classmates, its a public festival, which is held from London Eye all the way to London bridge, yea, imagine that freaking long stretch, well, it was full of ppl, LIKE REALLY CRAMP ! ! And now for the good news ! ! i just received my first music project, like a mainstream one ! ! damn happy, going to record a bass track for this artist, i cant name it now due to legal reasons, but when im done, will let u all know, hahahahahah, and i might tour around japan, taiwan, and UK too ! ! well of cause as a guest musician. And dont worry, im still studying of cause, wont leave my Uni .

Anyway, i fell in love with this song,

J - Twister

and i almost bought his signature bass guitar, almost ! ! until i decided on other bass guitar...hahah...

so thats it for now, till then

take care

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

picture expression

This is what its like to wake up in London.. -_-

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is cool as hell

Trivium - Down From The Sky

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Me working on the recording Desk

WOhoooo ! ! i am so glad that my new campus kick ass ! ! everything is so awesome, now i can use any studio of my choice, and the best damn thing is these equipment in studios are PRO level, many famous artist such as JAY Z, KANYE WEST, LINKIN PARK, MUSE, and more had all use these MEAN MACHINES to produce and record their work.

All these pictures, its not even half of the studios in my UNI, there are MORE ! ! my building has 8 floors, 2 floors are classrooms, 1 floor is office, 1 floor is workstation and launge, and FREAKING 4 FLOORS of madness ! ! and now i have new super high tech Student ID card, even class room require my id card to be tag before entering, or else it wont open, so basically no outsiders at all!!

nuff said pictures time....

5.1 surround sound for advance sound mixing

Super multi track ! !

one of the smallest editing desk


Greenroom for making superman real ! !

My workstation in UNI

Now hows that?? i will get more picture when im free, since i have more drive to study in the new building and hang out there more often, till then take care ! !

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Monday, September 8, 2008


hey mates, just got back from the weekend in southend, cool place, definitely a great place to spend during summer, beach, casino, entertainment malls, and a fun fair. Its like a mini Vegas, hahaha, Any convoy?? haha, anyway yes my Uni is moving to a bigger campus, more studios, more pro stuff, ssl, yamaha, up to 60 track desk, u name it we have it, and im starting class in the new campus tomorrow, hahaha, i'll show pictures when i get there tomorrow.

and my blog is only 31% evil??? hahah
This site is certified 31% EVIL by the Gematriculator

see ! ! im not so evil, not like what rachel always say, "edward is evil ! !" . sorry and thats not true...hahahahha
This site is certified 69% GOOD by the Gematriculator

till then take care

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Friday, September 5, 2008


haha, i know...the tittle sounds weird, but

ROCK + SEPTEMBER = Rocktember ! ! get it??

know why its rocktember? because this month is the release of many well known band's new album, ive been waiting so long for the new album of the following band that release this month,

Their new album named SHOGUN, and matt is back to his old singing, but this time, better, with some growling, and alot of melodic chorus, hard thrash is back to stay ! ! I would say this band is worth the money to buy their CD. Due to release on 30th of September. My rating for this new album, (9/10).

What happen when two guitar maestro meets together? they form a freaking cool riffing heavy band, the help of Marc Rizzo, Max Cavalera's soulfly is never been so good, one heavy riff after another. Their CD already in the market, soulfly fans, GRAB EM'. My rating for this new album, CONQUER, is (7/10), well i still think Max conspiracy kick ass.

The long awaited legendary Thrash Metal Band that inspire every new metal band, from what ive heard from their new release *sneak preview*, it sounds awesome, back to their old days, although not as harsh as their peak times (80's-90's). But hey, Kirk's solo is back ! ! Jame's riff and singing always catches everyone's ears. Since their let down album from St. Anger, i almost give up hope on this legendary band, but with their new album, my hope has revive. Album will be release September 12 worldwide. My rating for this new album MAGNETIC SHOCK, (8/10). Master of Puppets is still master song and album of the light years.

Yes ! ! 666 is back!! with their new album ALL HOPE IS GONE already hitting the market now, and with the hit single, physchosocial really hitting the rock charts. To me, their new album does kick ass, with a more balanced guitar playing among Jim Root and Mick Thompson, they certainly sound so good, especially on this time, Jim Root shows what he is capable of, while Mick Thompson still is one of a slaying metal guitarist of the century. So their hope is not gone!! hahah, my rating for this new album, (8.5/10). Check it out.

The new age "nintendo" metal band, as hard hitting as their last album, this new album ULTRA BEATDOWN certainly is ultra astonishing. In what they do best, fast tempo, nintendo sounds, special effects and old school vocal singing. But i need something new from DragonForce, something refreshing, yes i do agree with the most of you out there, no doubt that HERMAN and SAM is one of the fastest guitarist, but i need some special from them. So overall they dont suck, but i wont on purpose listen to this new album, a fun to listen tho, my rating, (7/10).

Without a doubt, even though you havent listen to their new stuff, but the name it self will drive you to listen to their new CHAOS IN MOTION album. Guitar master Petrucci, and Bass guru John Myung, by their name it self, chilling spreading through my spine already. This new album is also a DVD set. This is a worth your money to buy album. I rate it, (8/10).

The "nemo" finnish ochestra rocker, new album is already out. With bassist and co-vocalist Marco singing more, its definitely noticable changes in the songs structure, i find the new "structure" from nightwish is good, i say its a benifit to them, although their fame and name in the industry is not as famous as the other band i mention, but worth time TRYING listen to this new album THE SOUND OF NIGHTWISH REBORN. My rating, (7/10).

There you go guys, the month of Rock-Tember.Be sure to check on them, and rock on mates. TAKE CARE GUYS.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

no need for a tittle

Im quite suprise that now a days, most of my bunch of friends are gonna end up outside malaysia, some for studies, some working, and some unknown reason, and most of them, either end up in UK, or Aussie, although there is some in other places in the world. This automatically hints my self that, malaysian degree tidak boleh diharap, or malaysians are just getting richer, or its a must for now a days teenager to have studies outside malaysia, of cause if u can afford it *IM NOT TRYING TO OFFEND ANYONE* . Anyway, for those which already graduated this year, congratz, wish u the best for the REAL adult world, and those which are going to overseas, good luck too, trust me, u'll need alot of LUCK, tehee...*slaps my slf for laughing so gay* i mean, muahaha.

Sigh, to think about it, im actually damn freaking slow lo, next year only graduate, its like other friends of mine already earning money looo, and im still studying, i wanna have a taste at the real deal ! ! earning cold hard cash in what u are good in ! ! not just part time job. Well, it also hints my self, again, that maybe god wants me to have fun more for the time being, cause for my type of job, its always rushing, so yea, i'll definitely try to enjoy doing what i like now.

Just came back from meeting up Kuok Chern. He is back from malaysia for his last semester, and after this he is officially an ACCA accountant, need his help?? gimme a ring, and i let him know. And i see a very good future of u, seriously, all the best aight??

Anyone wanna lend me some music gadgets *instruments, monitors, speakers...* ??? im bored to death by just a classical guitar and a piano.

teheee..... *SLAPS MY SELF AGAIN*


till then take care

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Emo Bomb

why we humans always have thoughts, thoughts that make us happy just thinking about it, thoughts that brought us down, here again, im having thoughts.Frankly, i miss something, i miss everything, yet im not sure if its what i miss. I know this might sound confusing, but im confuse, im thinking if i am in the right place, the right time....of cause when i first knew you, it hurts to see another guy around you, since then, we spent more time, and i think it hurts me more despite me being so far now.... it sucks to be me now...

i miss walking you home,
i miss the time when we hang out,
i miss u called sudden and ask me out just for a snack,
i miss when ever i joke, u'd make up a better one out of mine,
i miss the crying face of yours when i was leaving,
i miss the way u talk to me when i need you,
i miss times when ur holding on to me,
i miss the way u look at me,
i miss your cute angry face,
i miss that hair of yours,
i miss waiting for u,
i miss your voice,
i miss you

i miss everything about you....

But what the heck, like i can make any difference now, u once said u'll wait, but like its gonna happen, its not that i dont believe in what you've said, but reality is different, i've live long enough and "lucky" enough to went through all sort of REALITY of this world, but yet i still put faith in what u've said....hmmmm, why?? only god knows....