Thursday, May 29, 2008

O2 Arena

Jess and ME

yeah ! ! finally i watched iron man ! ! it was a damn cool movie, bravo to Marvel for creating another superhero which rocks.... haha...if im in malaysia, ive would have watched it twice, haha, cause im not goin to the cinema alone ! ! anyway, went to O2 for the movie, yea, freaking nice structure of the stadium, British Engineering to the max.

Its a werid looking heater

Inside O2, quite nice walk

Hmmmm, im looking for some inspiration now, i wonder how....sigh...i need to motivate my slf ! ! I need fresh stuff, something that will makes me go, move, or to think ! ! i guess im really missing my music making moments. Damn....


Monday, May 26, 2008

Hair Ze Vaa Vaa Voom~~

My daily Hair do, without the hair do,i just look stupid and sissy... =)

LOL, im on my own record now, the longest ive ever kept till date is now ! !








The final look

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blue water

hey guys, time to update, for the whole week its nothing much, its like a daily routine, but for today, my aunt and unc bring me to bluewater, its a shopping complex, i was happy to hear that, hahaha, since i hadnt been into any LARGE shopping complex, yea its huge, buuuuuuttttt....... sad to say, its not as huge as what we had in malaysia, kinda disappoint, its like, 1U without the new wing and only had 2 floors ! ! Anyway, enough bout the small/"huge" thing,i wanna show u what ive bought today =)

Theres the skull t-shirt by A7X... and another TRIVIUM shirt, and few mags...and a LEGO DARTH VADER key chain...theres a sponge bob, but, darth vader suits me more =)

KHUUUUU~~~ i am your fAther ! ! !

*PS - ANDREW...muahahahahahhaha, how u feel now???

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Heartbreak CHELSEA ; Glory MAN UNITED

It started with a fine evening, both sides are desperate for this throphy. Suprisingly, Man Utd started well, wait wait, dont go flame me or getting ready to throw me some stuff if u are a Chelsea supporter, im not a super fan of both sides, but in my opinion, the game was furious, it gives me adrenalin, along the game, theres some moment i do actually get excited. 2nd half for Chelsea was good, they were controlling, at the offence and defence. Chances are amazingly created by both teams, and there goes the full 90 minutes, still 1-1, first half of extra time, alot of disturbance, players getting rough, balls get flying faster, both sides did not give up. Drogba should manage his anger, silly mistake, if the penalty shoot out with Drogba, they have the bigger advantage, after all the dramatic highs and lows, scores still 1-1 at the finish of extra time. Then penalty, when Cech saves Ronaldo's spot kick, i eventually think Chelsea would get something this season, and came Terry with his last shot, he place his ball firmly on the ground, step back and takes his time, and off he go, slow jog to the ball, lifts his right leg to get more power in order to blast the ball, swings down his foot, and slip, the ball went hitting the right side of the goal post, nearly went in, it really reminds me about David Beckham's penalty that he miss. In the end Anelka miss the last shot and there goes the game, glorious Man Utd.

They both push their slf very hard

First penalty saved by Cech

Anelka's try saved by Van Der Sar

It was really a great battle between the giants of england, lots and lots of drama, passion, exciting moments. The whole street of my neighbourhood just went crazy when Ronaldo 's kick was saved....haha, im living in london, of cause there is more Chelsea supporter here. Anyway credits to Chelsea and Man Utd for the astonishing game. And boo hoo to the wheather in Moscow, its freaking heavy rain.

Chelsea's fan cant bared with the loss

Tomorrow it would be a massive party in Manchester, crazy wild party, after nine years since 1999 when they defeat Bayern Munich to claim champions of Europe.Well thats all for today, take care, cheers.

Current mood - kinda sad cause i watched this game ALONE, if im in malaysia, im pretty sure im with a friend in a mamak while wathing the game.

Listening to - Guns N Roses (You could be mine)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


*edited on 19 may*

hey guys, i know ive been lazy, to update, haha, but no one cares anyway...

so, how do i start??


eh herm...last week, i went to camden town, hehe, for those who dislikes gothic/metal/punk stuff, please skip to next, alrite, this town, well, its like petaling street, really ! ! it has alot of road side little store, which they sell stuff, but, not as cheap as petaling street, and...there is freaking lots of tattoo shops, like, really really really alot!! and then people here, well, they tend to be "unique" in dressing, the whole street is covered by LOLITAS, METAL HEADS, and PUNKS..."ARGHHH!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE...!! " calm down calm first it was scary, cause they look so aggresive, but, they were okay, not those which sit at back lane holding knives and robs/ stab people. They just look cool....hehe, im gonna be back, since i was rushing.

never ever ride these! it cost u £50 ! they just wanna con the foreigners


And then it was yesterday, MAY's birthday, went to dinner with her, then we went to clubs, hehe, London freaking rocks when its party time, ahhhh, club, now im missing BarCelona and Maison...haha, this the first time i only drank SHOTS, yea, cause its different here, people dont really buy bottles like malaysian does, they drink shots by shots and so, i think i drank, 10 shots??? around there, all different stuff...too bad i cant remember the names of it, its not like what i use to take in malaysia, hahaha...

birthday girl =)


Wake up early today cause im staying at couz house in Central london and he has to work in sundays, awww, poor him, and yea, wake up around 6am,but its not me who wants to wake up that early, its those freaking stupid blardy birds outside which they keep singing/shouting, and u know what, in UK, 6am looks like its noon already. Went home, bath, continue sleeping, then around 4pm, went out to watch basketball, the harlem globetrotters were happen to be here, its not a serious match, its those retired professional basketball players fool around with funny tricks and just to make u laugh. It was fun,and its my 3rd time watching them, and 1st time in UK.


And im done with my updating, next thing i will do?? hmmmm, not sure...

Jazz anyone?

current mood - really really tired
listening to - SRV (little wing)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Emo is just being ME

If you truly are being who you really are, and truly are being an individual, then nobody can give you a 'how-to'. Develop your own personal style and be yourself, not just one of the mindless followers of thousands of teenagers who all look and dress exactly alike.

WHY are you telling them what to do and how to live their life, how much to weigh, how to look etc., and WHY are you listening to these people telling you to do these things? You are perfect the way you are- your true self is who you were meant to be and not what some 'how-to' tells you to do on the internet.

Don't put on the mask of labelling yourself, become truly unique and appreciative of who you really are on the inside. Nobody can tell you how to dress or how to look, only YOU can tell yourself that.

It really is sad, that people think they need to conform to some emo standard of style to give themselves any worth.

You need not be anyone other than yourself. Don't let people tell you how to live your life, only YOU can tell yourself that. I eagerly await the day that people finally start to wake up to who they really are inside.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time of My Life

every minute we spend together, it molds my life, everything we did together, makes me stronger, the way we speak to each other helps me with my life, damn i miss u all. I just wanna say i love u guys for being in my life and nothing is goin to change that, for what u are makes me who i am now.

*ps - dont mind the picture, its suppose to create an atmosphere, i cant fit all inside there, its too small....u know who u are and u will always be in my heart.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yesterday I lost my closest friend
Yesterday I wanted time to end
I wonder if my heart will ever mend
I just let you slip away

Maybe I'll never see you smile again
Maybe you thought that it was all pretend;
All these words that I could never say
I just let them slip away

Why don't you listen when I try to make it through (to you)
Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, you never know
Hold a little tighter

Maybe one day when I can move along
Maybe someday when you can hear this song
You won't let it slip away

And I'd wish the sun would never come
It's 4 AM and you are gone
I hope you know you're letting go
It's 4 AM and I'm alone

4 AM forever...

Friday, May 2, 2008


there is always some point of your days, feeling useless, emo, frustration all around ur nerves. Well, for me it happens often, too often perhapes.

Right now, im sitting alone, in the corner of my dark room, feeling emo, maybe im missing someone, yet i dont know who am i missing. And all those sadness thoughts would just flash tru my mind, tried not to think bout it, but i dint faught back, just let it be, dont ask...even i dont understand my self. Eventually i wrote something out, want to share with u guys, its some song i did, bout my slf...too bad i cant record it down now...maybe i'll post it some time future...

Im holding my self, as i glance tru my slf,
telling my slf how sorry i am,
for not knowing the reason,
i cant help what im hearing in my head,
i scream , scream and scream
just to find a solution,
am i too blind to see or im blinded by what i saw,
soaked in red for what she said,
wounds are hurting me,
and that makes me stronger for they had not killed me off.

ARGH.... screw it, im fuck up anyway