Tuesday, April 21, 2009

time out

Hey guys and girls, im back, but not for alot. As u can already guess, im really hitting busy now, so pack its like those accounts sheet that havent been touch for years and u need to sum the figure by now. Its so stress now, but i kinda love the stress im in now, its totally different that what u guys have suffered so bare with me while im on my way to stardom, wahahhaa....XD (just kiddin)

the signs of stress, hair raises, LOL, nah, its just my hair-do

now this looks more like stress !!

Nothing much to update until now, besides me having sit in the control room/studio for hours getting my music done and recording/producing other bands. And Fai is coming to London again this friday, muahahah, cant wait to see him, best friend since the age of 5....

TIll then, take care all....

current mood - lazy and sleepy
listening to - Siam Shade (get a life)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

im in the calender !!

hahaha, yea man, im in the calender. And some one decide to add my picture in to the design of it, and im quite happy, hahaha....thanks alot san...i really love it =)

Click on the picture to see the full size !!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day out with lots of random fun people

hey guys, just got back, well, actually not all of them are random, ive meet up with chuan, my high school mates, he's from birmingham. Had fun, at last some stress free environment.

Mr dong him self and me

The underage girl !! hahaha

i freaking like his new hair-do

And i tried a new hair today !! a typical Jrock Windy hair style, haha, end up quite nice, liking it, but it takes too long to do it...hmmm, maybe i'll just do it sometimes =)

Like it?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Distress and Coma

Hey guys, im back, ive finally come to notice that i really have not been writing here regularly enough, its because my work have been piling up, more and more, after one another. Im taking a day off today, its been too much to handle, and ive not been sleeping enough lately, average 2 hours per day, max!!

My life, i would say from now on, is really all about music, and staying massive hours in the studio's. Hmmmmm, really hope that i can make it big.

While im gone from this blog, things ive been doing is all these following,

This band is an awesome Dirty Blues band that im currently working on

Rush hour in the tube

Police urges everyone to stay away, from BOMB site.

meet new friends, Jen on the left, not wendy from the right

Current mood - metal zone
listening to - The gazette