Monday, May 18, 2009

album cover

hello all, im back, and i need ur help this time. Im done with the photoshooting for my album cover, and i narrow down to these few to make it as my front cover and back, which of these u think is the best?? And dont u worry bout the colour and all, it will be finely edited after i choose it. 

Each of u only can pick 2 out of these 6, and the highest two will go on =)

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

pic 5

Pic 6

So let the voting begins !!
please drop your comment in the comment area, not the chatbox.....

17 freaking comments:

J@yn3e said...

For the front cover, i likes the pic 2 and 3 (both also nice, u choose either one).
And for the pic 5 will suit in putting at the back...

Richard Low said...

Pai seh.. my 1st choice pic 4, mysterious and yeng. 2nd choice pic 5, can be improved, i can feel like something's still not there, but don't know how to explain it to you.

Regards Rich

сяамцѕ said...

dude, i think pic 2 can be the front then i think pic 3 can be the back..jus an opinion, you should have look elsewhere in pic 3 not towards the camera..looks more yeng mah.. hahaha.. all the best!


mayling said...

P6 for the front and P4 for the back. pic of u look to the back suitable for the back cover with ur songs' list. put la all other pics in the front cover(make it foldable) haha cheers!

roe said...

Heya! here's my humble opinion.

For front - Most important, must see you.=)
Hence my pick will be 5 for front, the emotive side of the pic can be enhanced through edits, but you look like you are peering over the horizon awaiting to discover something great, which is metaphorically what ppl should find in ur album right?

For the back, I like pic 4. It seems the most practical choice. but it may seem a little cliche, therefore pic 3 and one may offer something interesting, however, integrating the list of songs may be tricky.

I asked my friend. Azwin's opinion as well, She thinks Pic 6 should be your front, as there's a clear view of your face. While pic 4 should be the back.

If i collect more opinions, will let you know k?


junster said...

cover - p3
back - p5
as for the cd - p6


Aaron said...

Pict 5- front
Pict 4- back

All the best bro.
Cheers, KC

Jen said...

my vote goes for pic #3 and #4!!!

Alison said...

pic 3 front, pic 4 back!! well i think the other way round also not bad! :D but pic 3 definately, it has the whole "album look" there in my opinion ^^

Xien said...

Pic 5 for the back and Pic 4 for the front. =D

VicKie said...

pic 3 and 6 is awesome-ly cool!
OMG!can't believe u have ur own album now!! berry proud of u ed ed! lolx

. . .c i n v i n. . . said...

me like picture 2 and 3!put the picture 4 at the back!;)

Caramonty said...

pic 3 for sure. Mysterious.

but depends what's in your album of course.

bbyun said...

I like pic 5 most!:)nice,others' facial expressions look similar to yeah.

hehe but pic 1 and 3 are not too bad too :p

yay ganbatte okie.supporting you thousand miles away!

Edward エドワード said...

hey guys, thanks alot for the wonderful comments and ideas, love u guys to the max !! i think i know which one to use....and be a little more patient yea, single is almost done !!

Caramonty said...

do i get a free copy when it's out? :)

please hit me up when it's rolling, I would really love to experience it.

Emery said...

front cover: pic 3 (highly recommended)
back cover: pic 5