Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just a small update

hey people, well im back, just for a little updates. Well, im super busy as fact im in the middle of recording, hehe, and i just have to blog, its a sudden urge....

So much to do, so little time

my to-do-list for my upcoming single and other stuff,
1. record ALOT guitar tracks
2. record vocals
3. record more vocals (backing)
4. record some extra weird things
5. alot edting for my post production
6. mixing for my song
7. mastering

and all these stuff just aint one day work, it takes alot of time, like.....alot... !!

anyway had to sign off now, got to get my ass back to work...take care people !!

current mood - blood-rushing-adrenalin-pumping
listening to - alot of stuff

2 freaking comments:

mayling said...

ur really happening .. lol :) one day u'll be shining.

ganbarou ze, edward the rockstar!

Edward エドワード said...

hey mayyyyyy !! another rockstar !! haha, thanks alot and yeaaaa...lets shine together !!