Sunday, July 6, 2008

im so shocked

im addicted to youtube now...really, im in deep shit i think, i need a life, hahaha, but youtube has endless fun to watch, some stuff that TV does not even has.... =) 

and u know what, im so shocked now...when i watch this video, im like WTF?? are u serious?? how can that be?? and i replay it, still the same....sigh.... apparently, the idol of mine, likes JAY CHOU...yea....his Marty Friedman, ex-guitarist of can that be? his a metal god, american, speaks japanese, but how on earth he heard bout taiwan's JAY CHOU??? dont ask me....i really dont know, and he says that jay chou is the best artist on the world.....i can understand if Leah Dizon likes jay chou...but Marty Friedman???

What is happening to this world???

heres the video of it....

current mood - Shocked
Listening to - Alexisonfire (this could be anywhere in this world)

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