Thursday, June 12, 2008

All about sound

All right, ive been thinking, since i am doing music and recording stuff, why not explain to my readers that how sound work. Some of u might already know in depth, but anyway im gonna post about sound, so that u guys can get to know some stuff that i need to deal with.

Right, sound.....hmmmm, it can be defined as a wave motion in air or other elastic media, any exictation of hearing mechanism that result in perception of sound, and this flactuation can travel through any matter state and can not be transmitted through vacuum, although certain aspects of sound will change depending on the medium, and the generation of sound relies upon the vibration of body and it is transmitted as a longitudiual wave as opposed to a transverse wave form.

How do we measure them? by frequency, amplitude.

So what is frequency? Frequency is the measure of capacity of alterations of a periodic signal, and it express cycles per second, to familiarise it, Hz(hertz). And in frequencies, one cycle of a wave includes one compression and one rarefraction.Frequency and wave length are inversely proportional, meaning the higher the frequency, the shorter the wave length.

All above is only one wave length, so when 2 waves are combined, we called it "superimposed over each other", their amplitude will reinforce and cancel out depending on their relative phase shift, meaning if wave A's starting frequency is high compression and ends with low rarefraction meets wave B, where starting with low rarefraction and end with high compression. These two waves will cancel each other out, and we hear nothing, although the meter bar on my mixer shows reaction, but we dont hear it, cause human is not super sensitive on hearing, thats why it is so important for me, a music production student to know bout this, some chords have different frequencies, i dint know bout that untill i study bout it, so when creating a song make sure when it comes to recording, dont go for the super high notes and mash up with the super low notes.

If two waves occuring simultaneously have the same ampltude sign (+/+) they are said to be "correlated" and will act constructively, meaning if two same kind of waves meet, it will not cancel out, in fact it will balance it.

Well, i think if i continue on this, it will take me forever, hahaha, all above that i just describe, it is only page one of my notes, and imagine having 100 pages of notes, how far could it go......damn far i say....hahaha

Anyway, Summer is here ! ! although i dont feel like im in the middle of summer, still damn cold and raining.....and YES!!! LONDON INTERNATIONAL MUSIC SHOW, tomorrow, Steve vai, Joe Satriani, Billy Sheehan, Paul Gilbert, all are gonna be there ! plus new gadgets, new amps, i bet Gibsons booth is gonna be a killer, cant wait....

till then take care and have a good day

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