Monday, June 23, 2008

summer ~~~

*pssssshhhhhhh ! ! Summer has arrive london, i repeat, summer has arrive ! ! *

yeap, summer !! ahhhhh....i can feel the summer breeze, summer shine, summer warm. What can i say more?? it does feel good. And for those shopaholic out there in london, its summer sale ! ! where discounts is up to 80% , hahaha, me and aaron cant resist and got some stuff that is too cheap, haha, i got a tshirt and a hoodie, oh, and a cap, guess how much it cost?? £5 for the shirt, £5 for the hoodie, and £2 for the cap, ahahhaha.

But one bad news for me, haihhhh....everyone i know has a freaking 3 months break, but i only have 2 weeks max!! damnit ! !

anyway, anyone visit let me know, i need to chill out during summer....although i still have alot to do in the music studios. till then take care.

current mood - feeling sunshine
listening to - machine head

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