Saturday, June 7, 2008

A month of sports madness

A really good month for any sports fanatics, well, for those who know me better, surely know im deeply into sports since young, been heavily connected into sports life back in Malaysia, playing basketball for school and college then State team then into national junior squard, and for those who only reads my blog, thinks that i only DO rock and music stuff.

Anyway since im a basketballer, of cause im gonna put Nba into the top of my very own TO-WATCH list. Just because im now living in UK does not mean my love for basketball has faded ! Anyway Nba finals is back again, and this time around, this two teams had reach the finals more than others, they face each other the most in finals, they are the rivals of decade, maybe century. Representing the powerhouse from east, the BOSTON CELTICS, and west, the LOS ANGELES LAKERS. Ahhhhhhh~~~~~~~~ it sure bring back memories, the legendary moments, Lary Bird goin againts Magic Johnson, Kareem goin to the rim defended by Walton.

Larry And Magic

Put it in this generation, Pierce slash and spins towards the hoop while tall and big but fast Radmanovic trying to stop it, Kevin Garnett never stops firing his whole team, while Pau Gasol is brilliant, and not to miss out newly named MVP Kobe Bryant trying to earn his team a championship ring without the help of mighty Shaq, of cause Ray Allen will do anything at cost to deny that. All i can say is history do repeat it self.

Garnett and Odom

Kobe will be the man who leads LA

Paul Pierce itching for the Champion Ring

(L)Gasol trying to catch his best moment ;
(R) While Radmanovic is showing his best.

For my point of view, i think Boston has more Champions attitute, i think they have more chance to win the title, they do have the advantage of big players, BIG 3, Ray Allen is starting his downtown shooting spree, Paul Pierce is taking more chances and delivering for the Celtics, on top of any, Kevin Garnetts preseance in the low post is the most influencual. Without any doubts i really think he deserves the most defensive player award. But of cause, im not saying LA has no chances at all, i think they had the better bench player, young and dangerous, and hunger for being champions, Farmar, Sasha, Mbenga,Walton, all of them gives 150% to LA, when they are on the court, they do their job, complete it and make use most of their court minutes.

Odom, still has more years to go while being talented

Boston BIG 3, Paul Pierce(34), Kevin Garnett(5), Ray Allen(20)

My verdict, GAME 7, Boston champions. The history of rivalry between LA an Boston is never ending.


And lets move on, EURO 2008, YES ! ! watched the first matches just now, dissapointed in Czech Republic, they could have done much better. Portugal starts off great, 2-0 is expected from them. I am waiting for the "DEATH" group to start, killing each other HARD, as 3 of European GIANTS are in that group. And yea...its sad that England dint even qualify, tsk tsk tsk, a country full with world class player cant deliver any, i think its the previous manager that cost them lossing the place in Euro 2008.

Cech(center) will definitely not easy to get pass him

It will sure be a scoring show if his fired up.

Ronaldo, star of his club, idol of his country

The tournament sure pack it self with hell lots of YOUNG GUNS, loaded and ready to fire. Hmmm, i would say fellow spannish Fernando Torres will definitely the dangerous one, and World Player of The Year, Christiano Ronaldo, is worth focusing our eyes wathcing him and his team play. For the DARK HORSES this year, i think it would be Czech Republic, they are not catogorise as top teams who are favorable to win this year, but enough to cost each top team trouble, as Petr Cech is the one to look for. Italy...right....i doubt they will perform well, although they are the current world champions, but anything can happen in the world.Mean while France still has some potential to be in the finals, and of cause The Flying Dutch ! ! i believe they still kick ass.

Ballack is leading the Germans.

Henry migh be old, but he's wise enough to shut u down

Torres will be partner of David Villa, Europes most dangerous DUO

Italy's Bull Dog, never try taking the ball away from him

Who will win?? i know answer will surely be the one, if u guys betting on EURO, take my suggestion...hehe...the team that will win EURo 2008, is........definitely..... team Europeans. CONFIRM SURE WIN ! ! ahhahahahahahahahah..... =P


Two Championship goin on at once, what more can u ask for???if u want more, try adding in F1 season kickin in full power.... Sure satisfy me....

Class goin on at ful pace, sports season, championships...woah .....sure is KAU KAU.....

current mood - hoping boston and spain will win
listening to - Bullet for My Valentine(Say Goodnight)

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