Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Soulfly is in town (soon,not now)

Heavy Fucking Metal ! !

LOL, yea man, got their tickets, and im suprise it only cost me £15 to see them live, well...thanks to KERRANG, they present KERRANG:SOULFLY gig, which falls on AUG 16, finally some heavy fucking metal gig im waiting for, but before i got their tickets, actually wanted to buy KERRANG:AVENGED SEVENFOLD, its the same event but different band playing different days, but as usual, A7X is too famous in UK, tickets are sold out in the first 5 hours, DAMNIT ! !

ohh yes, its max cavalera

ohh yes, its his new signature guitar by ESP *grriiinnsss*

ohh well, i love soulfly too, hehe, anyone wants to come with me?? tickets are still selling ! ! grab it while u can...

till then, i cant wait to be push around in the mosh pit and screaming my lungs out.... =)
rock on

current mood-happy as fuck
listening to- soulfly of cause XD

Sunday, July 27, 2008


私は実際に私のギターを今必要とする! !

私は重いとても金属の原料をする必要がある~~~私によっては私が私のM A R S H A L L スタックアンペアで私のJ A C K S O N を差し込む時が抜けている......haihhhhh....

私によってはそれが抜けている! ! 私の近くですべてを揺する音の大きさの完全な送風アンペア...

Till then rock on...

current mood- miss everything bout anything and anytime
listening to- killswitch engage (eye of the storm)

What can i do to make it go,
i hate it,
hate the smell of it,
is it fear or is it me?
if only u can inspire me to rise,
and rise upon all,
u were never alone,
never alone,
she screams, she screams her lungs out
i'll be waiting,
its now,
its THE END.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rachel is a backside itchy,notty,silly, and (what ever nasty stuff u can say) GIRL....

sheessshh, she really backside itchy...nothing to do then go sleep lah, wanna give me susah...some more tag me on ur list, and SECOND SOME MORE ! !

here it goes....


1. Ed is 6foot tall. Dont ask how i get that tall,its in me.
2. Ed's Japanese name is MAEDA YUSUKE.
4. Likes to hang out more in STUDIO's than home.
5. Loves spicy food (who doesnt??)
6. Ed plays the guitars, bass, piano, drums....cause Ed is studying music.
7. Wants a tattoo so badly now.
8. Ed is missing his blond hair moment. XD
9. A definitely stoner.
10. And a lazy bump (but if its music im not lazy)
11. Ed is a total universal blender and blends in anywhere anytime.
12. Clubbing guy.
13. Loves his burger.
14. Loves Jrock/Jmetal
15. Im not a weirdo.
EXTRA.  Ed is not so backside itchy like RACHEL.

Done...happy now rachel?? LOL

Sunday, July 20, 2008


hey hey here to write again.

Alright, for yesterday it was massive, haha, u'd never believe it, Vickie almost miss her buss to Heathrow, XD. She made it tho, like, 1 minute before the bus depart, seriously ! ! and we ran along streets of London, hahaha, but when she board the bus, relief for me...phew...

Had a great time with u Vickie ! ! nice catching up and when u wanna club lahhhh...dont say say only ohhh...

till then take care

current mood- lazy bummy
listening to-X japan (X)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sweet, sweat,shiver, SUMMER

Dont let this sunny picture fool u, ITS COLD ! !

About the randomness of London wheater, well, we all could hate it because we expect to be Hot and Sunny during summer...but nahhhh....its random, im not gonna nag all over how i hate cold case readers starts calling me granny or something....

Anyway, yesterday after class, sitting at the pub chilling with my classmates, got a msg from Hui Yin, and Wei Thian, saying that they will be in London for today, and the best bit is, both of them dint know each other is coming down london...what can i do??? Of cause ask them both out together for lunch ! ! easy and steady...DUCK RICE AGAIN for lunch, then Wei Thian had to part and join her friends, so me and Hui Yin went exploring new places (MEANS PLACES THAT WE HADNT BEEN TO YET), there is nothing NEW TO BE DISCOVERED IN LONDON...LOL

I still think high school era rocks ! !

Me and Hui Yin around Tower Bridge.

Wei Thian is still so cute....LOLX

And for tomorrow....VICKIE is coming down London too...phew *wipes forehead* , looking forward to meet her, its been freaking ages since i last saw her back in Malaysia. At least i got someone to hang out with on weekends....for once im not feeling bored for my weekends ! ! =)


And for music....this is what a ROCK LOVER's fashion....i mean this is what i wear...hahahahha

Slim tee's always go with a pair of skinny jeans ! !

Metal Tee's

And a pair of VANS punk shoe is never a mistake... =)

Till then rock on

current mood- Spice craving monster on leash
listening to- Bon Jovi

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

gosh my name edward is

My authentic japanese name is 前田 Maeda (before the field) 裕典 Yusuke (abundant rule).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

LOL ! ! !

Monday, July 14, 2008

Just another review

Ssssuuupp readers *although i dont think many*

yea, im gonna review another band this time. So, anyone familiar with japanese band? of cause its a rock band, im not a sucker for boy band shit.

Well, i am loving Visual Kei stuff, i know i am one too... =) the band....they are known as GAZETTE, pronounced as Gazetto, a japanese visual kei metal rock band. They were form in 2002, original members are, Ruki, Yune, Aoi, Reita, and Uruha, but, Yune left the band at 2003 and replaced by Kai. ESP guitars are currently customizing their guitars, and MAN IT FREAKING ROCKS ! ! why does those jap have everything cool, and their guitars cant be get anywhere in the world except japan. 


It makes me just wanna fly to japan to just get these sweet baby

What i think bout their music is, they might seems to be another typical Japanese rock band with good looking guys and their outstanding cool looking big hair and dressings. But i would say no....reason is, their music is what i call art, start playing any of their music, my feet will tap along it, head banging, and it felt great. Although i say its a must for any japanese rock band to have some sentimental/emo/slow songs, anyway its cool to me, cause JROCK is suppose to be like that, their culture in rock music is meant to be like that.

Told cha they just look sexy and hard rocking

So any suggestion on which song to listen?? and i would answer u...there is plenty. For those who like head banging fast pace music like me, its a must to listen to COCKROACH, FILTH IN BEAUTY. And for those who falls for slow/emo/sentimental, try listening to CASIS or REILA. There is plenty from them, if i name every song, it would be time wasting.

Big hairs (checked), outstanding clothes (checked), Good looking guys (checked).
alrite, i announced u Visual Kei Band.... XD

Im not forcing u to get out, or get online now to buy their music, all i wanted to show u guys is about good music to me, i wont review some big ass popular bands that they just do it for the sake of being rich and famous, yet forget what is the purpose of music passion. Anyway just get on youtube and search...LOL (how we all love youtube and cant survive without it) XD

so lets get jappy and hear japs singing.... XD

till then singing off, ROCK ON.....

current mood-if only i were in malaysia for bon odori.....
listening to - Versailles

Sunday, July 13, 2008


hehehe, yes my blog has hit 1k readers...i know its nothing compare to those BIG bloggers, but hey....its something to me... =)

My blog shall continue, i will write it as often as i can on my music, daily stuff, thoughts, and more...cheers...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

back to music making

well, not exactly the best tittle, cause im always into currently mixing a piece of rock song for my brother,he send me all the recorded part, then i finalize the drums sample, effects, and rearrange be patient guys, i will upload it when its done...

Mean while screw summer, i dont think this is considered as summer while it has been raining for three freaking days in a row and its only 18-20C....i was expecting more sun, hot days, sweeting.... Not expect to wear my jacket before goin out!!! But i have to cause its cold..damnit.

Even my classmate from local is complaining bout the stupid Summer...
Till then take care guys and rock on.

well dont mind the fugly face of mine...XD

current mood- hate being so cold during summer.
listening to -Hizaki Grace project

Friday, July 11, 2008


ARGHHHH 、私は特別にベースギターに私のfreaking 手を置く必要がある! ! そしてこれを読む方法をu のためによい知っていればガイ,その最も甘いベースギター私に私の生命のtouch/hear/play/seen がある, and 絶望的なim freaking 低音かギターを演奏するため, ずっと私が最近遊んでいるすべてはピアノ及びスタジオのミキサーである.



そして賢い間違いまたはgrammer があるか、またはsentense が流暢でなければ私が私の悪い日本語のコメントを受け取ること嬉しいこのポストを終了するため. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i need my hair cut ! !

Sigh, its growing longer and longer, from the advise that RICHARD gave me, i did cut my slf on attempt ...but i need some style baybee!! or not my hair is just gonna be like some long hair chinese dude that wants to be a metalhead, and i dont wanna be that, cause

1. if chinese dude has long hair, its freaking gay
2. and my hair is freaking straight and black, so having a long hair means Super gay.

SEE WHAT I MEAN?? the new hair of his is MUCH BETTER!

im still seeking for some good saloon.... i DESPERATELY NEED TO SPIKE AND TWIST MY HAIR ! ! and dont u go start calling me ah beng and LALA, fuck that ! !

i dont mind long, but i need some style ! !

till then take care and rock on....

current mood- frustating
listening to - Gazette(Cockroach)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

im so shocked

im addicted to youtube now...really, im in deep shit i think, i need a life, hahaha, but youtube has endless fun to watch, some stuff that TV does not even has.... =) 

and u know what, im so shocked now...when i watch this video, im like WTF?? are u serious?? how can that be?? and i replay it, still the same....sigh.... apparently, the idol of mine, likes JAY CHOU...yea....his Marty Friedman, ex-guitarist of can that be? his a metal god, american, speaks japanese, but how on earth he heard bout taiwan's JAY CHOU??? dont ask me....i really dont know, and he says that jay chou is the best artist on the world.....i can understand if Leah Dizon likes jay chou...but Marty Friedman???

What is happening to this world???

heres the video of it....

current mood - Shocked
Listening to - Alexisonfire (this could be anywhere in this world)

Friday, July 4, 2008


hey guys, been slumbering today, cause no class ! ! also been emo-ing alot recently...guess im back to the old me, lots lots and lots of emoness.

Anyway, had a guest lecture ytd after my class, he is a very famous producer, mixer, and sound engineer. He was in the scene alongside many famous artist, including the well known mick jagger, bob dylan, tom petty, and motorhead, just to name few of his previous project, his name is Fred de Faye, and yes his french.

And he was saying about the sound engineer and musicians now a days lag attitude, and i totally agree to what he said. Music is all about passion, but it seems now a days, its totally twisted, musicians are getting lazy, dont bother to think or create something special, all they do is depend on modern technology. Yes it is good in some way that modern technology helps us in our music, note that, HELPS us, not CREATE for us, well no offence, i my slf is a pro tools lover, but the evolution of technology can make us lazy, and i have to stress this again, Music is to be making it sound good from our effort, creativity. Thats why alot of albums now a days sound the same, thats why it sound flat, because of the digital pluggins that everyone was using on their music, even though its the same model, but digital pluggins can never compared to the original stacks, they tend to sound warmer in depth.

More and more studios are shutting down because of this, and because of this, the attitude of the old times are gone, i mean, sessions in studios back then was totally different from what u can produce at home by a mac and those digital stuff....they have rules, strictly for professionals, even a small tiny puny mistakes is not accepted. Thats why in today world, everything is messed up, people dont have respect anymore, once they think they can record something on their computer, they think they know everything, but in fact, they know nothing bout RECORDING A GREAT ALBUM. Though, there is still some hope, they still are some artist that wants to re-create to old times, but to mixed it with modern technology to bring it to the next level, i'll just name a few bands that do it, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Bjork...and more.....

In this post, im not going against technology and company that makes our life easier, im goin against the attitude of modern musicans and engineers. i dont wanna get some cyber wars between someone...just like Dawn is filing a law suit against XiaXue...LOL, in old days, nuclear missiles is used to destroy their opponent, now, its just suing u....hahaha

So time to end my post, have a great day, and rock on.

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Quote from Final Fantasy XII
" Embrace your Dream, Defend your honor"
im so into FF7 now, since the release of Crisis core in PSP, u might call me a geek but im loving the game and the story.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

nuff said

yeah, nuff their hearts no matter where they came from, there is trivium around....

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hot hot hot !!

right, by looking at my tittle, u think im crazy, no im not, it is hot, maybe ive already molded in UK weather.... cause i remember when i first came here, when ever others say hot im still feeling cold, times changes my body i guess...haha, although when there is wind, i dont feel hot....

anyway, summer is damn great, festivals everywhere...friends coming down to visit me...what more can i ask for??

till then peace out

current mood - thinking back about malaysian hot boiling weather
listening to - All that remains