Saturday, June 28, 2008


Im bored~~~~~

Friday, June 27, 2008


woahhhh, damn tired, just back from shooting studio, its a fashion tv show, well, u guys know GOK WAN? yea his show, i was there just now, cant get any pics, so cant show u guys how its like, and u know what, he actually are jealous bout my height...hahaha, and everyone in the freaking studio just stare at me with those one of the kind look...but anyway, he really does have the top sense in fashion...well wish him all the best for the show...anyway gonna end this post...ciaoz

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

now beat that ! !

yea u ! ! beat that!!
for all u metal heads out there, look at salin drum!! way go girl....

i mean look at her double paddling skills, her hi hat combination rocks ! ! covering Avenged Sevenfold-Almost Easy.

aint she freaking rock my pants off?? LOL

Monday, June 23, 2008

Music anyone?

Ever wonder how am i doing on my music recently??

well, fear no more, hahaha, this music is some stuff ive been fooling around lately, just some experimental rock stuff, anyway please give some comment on the quality, not the creativity, hahaha, i know the vocals suck, cause its me who sings, hahaha, no choice.


Experimenting mood swings - Edward Tan

summer ~~~

*pssssshhhhhhh ! ! Summer has arrive london, i repeat, summer has arrive ! ! *

yeap, summer !! ahhhhh....i can feel the summer breeze, summer shine, summer warm. What can i say more?? it does feel good. And for those shopaholic out there in london, its summer sale ! ! where discounts is up to 80% , hahaha, me and aaron cant resist and got some stuff that is too cheap, haha, i got a tshirt and a hoodie, oh, and a cap, guess how much it cost?? £5 for the shirt, £5 for the hoodie, and £2 for the cap, ahahhaha.

But one bad news for me, haihhhh....everyone i know has a freaking 3 months break, but i only have 2 weeks max!! damnit ! !

anyway, anyone visit let me know, i need to chill out during summer....although i still have alot to do in the music studios. till then take care.

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Friday, June 20, 2008


I've been thinking alot lately, due to some reason, i tend to think alot, and dont bother ask me why, i will have no answers.

I know in this world, anything is possible, well to me, some aspect does. And i also do alot of in depth-slip-my-pillow-high brain imagination, and, whats future to me? what am i going to do? will the things i do now is gonna affect my future? or do i really need to work damn hard to achieve my goals? i notice the people around me, some already succeed in life, finish studies with good results, having good job, and from then it is adulthood to them; yet i found that some still struggling, trying too hard to be JUST LIKE OTHERS, i mean....i know they wanna have a good future too, who doesnt?? and there goes their passion, dreams, and more important... their true identity.

Well, im lucky enough to be who i am now, after passing the path that i found out is difficult for me to survive in, and although back in malaysia, the path now i choose may seem UNPROFESSIONAL to some point of view of the elder generation, but im not ready to give up, im not falling this time, and i am going to proof to u that i will be good in this field, i will crush u with my knowledge of this field. Thats why in the end, i still choose what am i doing now, despite having some tough time leaving the previous path and hoop to this. But good at this, so why the heck are people looking down at me?? I know its true that in this mainstream line im going for, it may sound dangerous, one wild ride, if u make it, u'll hit the top, but if u screw it, u'll be nothing, but to my point of view, its not true.....i mean music business might be dealing alot with drugs, sex, alcohol.....wake up the next day and u have no idea what had happen and more case scenario. But i only can say, to be stable and have a life in this field, all u have to do is, determination..... and dealing with your evil urges, and u'll be fine.

And no offence to the other fields, im not saying u have made the wrong choice, IM JUST BEING ME ! ! and of cause i respect u doing your thing, and all i can say is, be who u are, choose ur dreams, make a goal and FUCKING ACHIVE IT. Every field has its own specials and creative side, so all the best to the people i know in persuing their goals. 

By the mean time, i would like to give credit to the people around me, u guys are awesome, without u, there is no way i'll find my self, and i will just be stuck in the black hole of me. Anyways, i will be so damn busy with studio sessions for the next few weeks, yea....means i will be spending whole lots of time in the studio, non stop music is coming baby....

And yes u shall see me rise. 

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The day i got my Mac

hahahha, my mac book d, although still struggling on using the mac, but its awesome, freaking cool laptop to kick start my music career ! ! rock on ! !

my white beauty

This logo lights up when i turn my Mac on

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dont stop dreaming

Remember when i said on my friendster that i would FUCKING wish to meet my guitar idol's??

U guys are not gonna believe what i just had been tru today, it was my best day of 21 years!! Went to London International Music Show, it was amazing, astonishing, it just left me speechless when i reach, cause its so darn huge. In malaysia yea, lets think bout PC fair in PWTC, thats big close your eyes, and imagine the whole pc fair thing, multiple by 5 times.....THATS RIGHT!! FIVE TIMES ! ! there is one whole section just for DRUMS, one whole section for BASS, another for GUITARS, and there is a section for classical/acoustic area, and last but not least a section for RECORDING EQUIPMENTS, and the best thing is, there is two more stage in another two big hall, one for drummers night, where all the famous drummer show their skills, and another is the Guitar live hall. I just spend my whole day here, from 10am untill they close, and i still dont get enough, hahahah....if i were to story everything, this post is gonna be hell long, i will just let my pictures do the story telling.....enjoy....especially SAM, ANDREW, EONG XIEN, AND MY FELLOW ROCKERS

Let it begin.....

Instructor from MusicMAN

Steve Lukather signature model

Albert Lee's MusicMAN

Stringray bass

Ibanez Guitars

Joe Satch 30th Anniversary guitar

Wall of Orange

Marshall Amps

Signature Amps

Sir Jim Marshall signing for ME ! !

Ashdown with super talented polish bassit

Another set of signature Amps

Dean Guitars

PRS guitars

White beauty, Dave Navarro signature PRS

Warwick bass

Woods that warwick uses for their bass

More DEAN's

Dave Mustains Signature DEAN

Billy Sheehan (R)

Paul Gilbert

John Petrucci signature Musicman

And u think thats it huh??? when im in Yamaha booth, i was looking around their new bass guitars and trying out some gear, then i come to a point that i was so stuck to the new Yamaha billy Sheehan signature bass, keep fooling around with it, and then i stop and just stare at the bass because of its beauty, then someone from behind me say something to me while i was holding the bass up to look at the neck shape, "she's the bomb eh", i thought it was the yamaha salesman, but the voices seems so familiar, then i turn to look who is it.....




SHIT.............. ! ! !

Billy Sheehan him self looking at me from the back while i was enjoying the beauty of his signature bass, i was damn shock, i stun for quite some time, and i could not believe this would happen to me, the legend i look up to, the bassist that inspire me to pick up my first bass, the hero that i only wacth him from TV.....and now his fucking behind me....i told my slf, SNAP UP EDWARD ! ! and act normal ! !

Then i chated with him for quite a while, but suprisingly, those blardy locals around here..... only 1 out of 10 knew he was Billy Sheehan, others even whisper...whos that bloke....but Billy was so down to earth, his doesnt act like his some super rock star, his there as a professional musician.

*Breath in deep, holds chest high*

Now im even more inspire.....thank u Billy...

His such a nice guy

ex Mr big bassit Billy Sheehan

Anyway, there is alot picture more, although there is some i really wish i could take but its too crowded and i cant get near, example, Yngwie malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satch, the G3's are super duper surrounded by people....damnit....

Chad Smith from RHCP (tallest)

ANDREW ! ! THIS IS FOR U ! ! Marshall wristband

Ray Luzier From KORN

Eong Xien, i know u would love to stay in this fender house

And EX, if u looking at this, u shd already know what model is this,
its the very first custom fender guitar of Yngwie Malmsteen.

Drummer's paradise

Yea, so there u go, thats why i say MALAYSIA MUSIC SCENE STILL SUCK ! !
till then take care and rock on.....

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quote from what billy sheehan say to me when i ask him how does he keep his drive to play bass for so long and keep creating new licks.

" music to me is a new thing everyday, i never stop learning, that is what that drives me for something new, dont call me master just because ive been around longer in the music scene than u, and work hard to achieve what u really desire for, dont give up "

Friday, June 13, 2008


YES ! ! my blog's visitor count has finally hit 500..... HOOOORRRRAAAAAYYYY~~~

Thursday, June 12, 2008

All about sound

All right, ive been thinking, since i am doing music and recording stuff, why not explain to my readers that how sound work. Some of u might already know in depth, but anyway im gonna post about sound, so that u guys can get to know some stuff that i need to deal with.

Right, sound.....hmmmm, it can be defined as a wave motion in air or other elastic media, any exictation of hearing mechanism that result in perception of sound, and this flactuation can travel through any matter state and can not be transmitted through vacuum, although certain aspects of sound will change depending on the medium, and the generation of sound relies upon the vibration of body and it is transmitted as a longitudiual wave as opposed to a transverse wave form.

How do we measure them? by frequency, amplitude.

So what is frequency? Frequency is the measure of capacity of alterations of a periodic signal, and it express cycles per second, to familiarise it, Hz(hertz). And in frequencies, one cycle of a wave includes one compression and one rarefraction.Frequency and wave length are inversely proportional, meaning the higher the frequency, the shorter the wave length.

All above is only one wave length, so when 2 waves are combined, we called it "superimposed over each other", their amplitude will reinforce and cancel out depending on their relative phase shift, meaning if wave A's starting frequency is high compression and ends with low rarefraction meets wave B, where starting with low rarefraction and end with high compression. These two waves will cancel each other out, and we hear nothing, although the meter bar on my mixer shows reaction, but we dont hear it, cause human is not super sensitive on hearing, thats why it is so important for me, a music production student to know bout this, some chords have different frequencies, i dint know bout that untill i study bout it, so when creating a song make sure when it comes to recording, dont go for the super high notes and mash up with the super low notes.

If two waves occuring simultaneously have the same ampltude sign (+/+) they are said to be "correlated" and will act constructively, meaning if two same kind of waves meet, it will not cancel out, in fact it will balance it.

Well, i think if i continue on this, it will take me forever, hahaha, all above that i just describe, it is only page one of my notes, and imagine having 100 pages of notes, how far could it go......damn far i say....hahaha

Anyway, Summer is here ! ! although i dont feel like im in the middle of summer, still damn cold and raining.....and YES!!! LONDON INTERNATIONAL MUSIC SHOW, tomorrow, Steve vai, Joe Satriani, Billy Sheehan, Paul Gilbert, all are gonna be there ! plus new gadgets, new amps, i bet Gibsons booth is gonna be a killer, cant wait....

till then take care and have a good day

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


damnit ! ! argh...!!! why !! blardy "£*!")($&!%$^

shit shit shit ! !

i just missed lostprophets concert tonight ! !

i was on the tube going back home after my class, grab a newspaper which is free.... read it...pass by totenham court road, almost reach home,then only i read the gig list for tonight, LOSTPROPHETS, ASTORIA 7PM, Tube:Tonthenham Court Road..... f*** ! !

haih....i know u guys would ask me to go when i reach home. ITS the time i reach home its already 7.30pm, then go back ASTORIA, i think its 8.30pm already.....

i just missed the Download festival headliners in action tonight ! !

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A month of sports madness

A really good month for any sports fanatics, well, for those who know me better, surely know im deeply into sports since young, been heavily connected into sports life back in Malaysia, playing basketball for school and college then State team then into national junior squard, and for those who only reads my blog, thinks that i only DO rock and music stuff.

Anyway since im a basketballer, of cause im gonna put Nba into the top of my very own TO-WATCH list. Just because im now living in UK does not mean my love for basketball has faded ! Anyway Nba finals is back again, and this time around, this two teams had reach the finals more than others, they face each other the most in finals, they are the rivals of decade, maybe century. Representing the powerhouse from east, the BOSTON CELTICS, and west, the LOS ANGELES LAKERS. Ahhhhhhh~~~~~~~~ it sure bring back memories, the legendary moments, Lary Bird goin againts Magic Johnson, Kareem goin to the rim defended by Walton.

Larry And Magic

Put it in this generation, Pierce slash and spins towards the hoop while tall and big but fast Radmanovic trying to stop it, Kevin Garnett never stops firing his whole team, while Pau Gasol is brilliant, and not to miss out newly named MVP Kobe Bryant trying to earn his team a championship ring without the help of mighty Shaq, of cause Ray Allen will do anything at cost to deny that. All i can say is history do repeat it self.

Garnett and Odom

Kobe will be the man who leads LA

Paul Pierce itching for the Champion Ring

(L)Gasol trying to catch his best moment ;
(R) While Radmanovic is showing his best.

For my point of view, i think Boston has more Champions attitute, i think they have more chance to win the title, they do have the advantage of big players, BIG 3, Ray Allen is starting his downtown shooting spree, Paul Pierce is taking more chances and delivering for the Celtics, on top of any, Kevin Garnetts preseance in the low post is the most influencual. Without any doubts i really think he deserves the most defensive player award. But of cause, im not saying LA has no chances at all, i think they had the better bench player, young and dangerous, and hunger for being champions, Farmar, Sasha, Mbenga,Walton, all of them gives 150% to LA, when they are on the court, they do their job, complete it and make use most of their court minutes.

Odom, still has more years to go while being talented

Boston BIG 3, Paul Pierce(34), Kevin Garnett(5), Ray Allen(20)

My verdict, GAME 7, Boston champions. The history of rivalry between LA an Boston is never ending.


And lets move on, EURO 2008, YES ! ! watched the first matches just now, dissapointed in Czech Republic, they could have done much better. Portugal starts off great, 2-0 is expected from them. I am waiting for the "DEATH" group to start, killing each other HARD, as 3 of European GIANTS are in that group. And yea...its sad that England dint even qualify, tsk tsk tsk, a country full with world class player cant deliver any, i think its the previous manager that cost them lossing the place in Euro 2008.

Cech(center) will definitely not easy to get pass him

It will sure be a scoring show if his fired up.

Ronaldo, star of his club, idol of his country

The tournament sure pack it self with hell lots of YOUNG GUNS, loaded and ready to fire. Hmmm, i would say fellow spannish Fernando Torres will definitely the dangerous one, and World Player of The Year, Christiano Ronaldo, is worth focusing our eyes wathcing him and his team play. For the DARK HORSES this year, i think it would be Czech Republic, they are not catogorise as top teams who are favorable to win this year, but enough to cost each top team trouble, as Petr Cech is the one to look for. Italy...right....i doubt they will perform well, although they are the current world champions, but anything can happen in the world.Mean while France still has some potential to be in the finals, and of cause The Flying Dutch ! ! i believe they still kick ass.

Ballack is leading the Germans.

Henry migh be old, but he's wise enough to shut u down

Torres will be partner of David Villa, Europes most dangerous DUO

Italy's Bull Dog, never try taking the ball away from him

Who will win?? i know answer will surely be the one, if u guys betting on EURO, take my suggestion...hehe...the team that will win EURo 2008, is........definitely..... team Europeans. CONFIRM SURE WIN ! ! ahhahahahahahahahah..... =P


Two Championship goin on at once, what more can u ask for???if u want more, try adding in F1 season kickin in full power.... Sure satisfy me....

Class goin on at ful pace, sports season, championships...woah .....sure is KAU KAU.....

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